The e-Highway2050 Project Receives Approval from the European Commission

(PresseBox) (Brussels, ) ENTSO-E welcomes the signing of the Grant Agreement by the European Commission (EC), on 27 November for the e-Highway2050 research project, which will build a modular development plan of the European transmission system for 2050.

The e-Highway2050 proposal was positively evaluated by the European Commission (EC) and independent experts on the basis of its scientific and technical quality. The project started on 1 September 2012 and the Consortium is already working on the first tasks, which include: project boundary conditions for the study, grid architectures for 2050, technology assessment, operation and implementation, governance and socio-economic analyses. The project also includes an innovative enhanced planning methodology, wide stakeholder consultation, and dissemination of the results.

The e-Highway2050 Objective

In response to the EC ENERGY.2012.7.2.1 call, e-HIGHWAY2050's main goal is to develop a top-down planning methodology providing a modular and robust plan for the pan-European transmission network, including the concept of electricity highways.

The methodology aims to ensure that European electricity needs between 2020 and 2050 are in line with the three European energy policy pillars: sustainability, market integration and security of supply.

The results will be presented and debated throughout the project with the whole electricity value chain, as well as European stakeholder representatives, thus addressing the main drivers and potential barriers for the proposed grid architecture options.

Composition of the e-Highway2050 Consortium

The e-Highway2050 Consortium, coordinated by RTE France, is a partnership made up of TSOs, research institutes, universities, industry associations and a non-governmental organisation. Fifteen ENTSO-E TSOs are involved in the project, including eight direct partners (RTE, Terna, Elia, 50Hertz, Swissgrid, Amprion, PSE-O, CEPS) and seven third party partners (APG,, EKC, HTSO, REE, Svenska Kraftnät, Transelectrica). Other partners include: TECHNOFI, RSE, DENA, Brunel University, University Comillas, IST, KU Leuven, ENSIEL, Technical University Berlin, ECN, IPE, Europacable, EWEA, T&D Europe, Poyry, E3G and CEP.

ENTSO-E Paves the Way to e-Highway2050

One of the main inputs to e-Highway2050 is the on-going Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP), providing the current vision of the European transmission system for 2020. E-Highway2050 will also contribute to the North Seas Offshore Grid Initiative (NSCOGI), providing a framework for regional cooperation in order to identify common solutions to questions around current and future grid infrastructure developments in the North Seas until 2030. Complementary to the TYNDP's 10-year perspective, e-Highway2050 provides a longer term outlook until 2050.


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