eltec 2013: Joining the JOKARI family

Introducing the Secura Coaxi No.1 stripper
Anwendung (PresseBox) (Ascheberg-Herbern, ) JOKARI's SECURA family welcomes its newest member: the Secura Coaxi No.1 joins its line-up. The classic JOKARI tool has been redesigned with additional functionality. With the Secura Coaxi No.1, coaxial cables can be stripped in two easy and quick motions. The soft grip and new integrated scale makes for safe and comfortable work. The Secura Coaxi No. 1 strips the outer sheathing and the inner dielectric coat precisely without any damage to the wires or essential shielding.

Coaxial cables are a common sight in broadcast and radio technology. JOKARI's Secura Coaxi No.1 has been designed to fit all common coaxial cable types from 4.8 to 7.5 mm in diameter and all RG58 / RG59 cables. With its two-step stripping system, the Secura Coaxi No. 1 removes first the outer sheathing and then the dielectric coat of the wire. The two steps are easily recognizable with the numbers 1 and 2 marked clearly on the stripper. An internal, coloured scale makes it easy to choose the right stripping length - a functionality that comes into its own when working on wall outlets.

At only 9.8 cm in length and weighing only 23.5 grams, the Secura Coaxi No.1 will fit any pocket and is ready for use wherever it is needed. A reliable locking system makes it easy to use every day in even challenging environments. JOKARI's renowned titanium-nitride coating gives the cutter blades long life, while the soft blue grip makes for easy and safe working.

The new Secura Coaxi No.1 is shown to the public at the eltec in Nürnberg, 16. - 18.1.2013, Hall 1 Booth 1110.


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