heat 11 builds heater for chemical plant

heat 11 builds heater for chemical plant (PresseBox) (Bielefeld, ) The Bielefeld specialist for heat transfer and thermal oil applications heat 11 has received in October 2012 another major order for the supply of three heaters for a chemical plant. The heaters shall ensure the heat supply in the plant. Customer and installer of the plant is the to the ThyssenKrupp group associated Uhde Inventa-Fischer.

The heat 11 scope of supply comprises the basic and detail engineering, the supply of the plant components as well as the supervision of the assembly and the start-up at site. Furthermore the customer will be trained at site where the plant is installed. The components to be delivered include thermal oil boilers (vertical) with firing systems, chimney and waste heat recovery units for preheating of the combustion gases. With these measures the efficiency of the boilers is above 90 %.

With the capacity of the complete plant, more than 2.500 single family houses could be supplied with energy.

The requirements for the design of the heat transfer plant to be supplied by heat 11 are tremendously mainly in view of the efficiency and pollutant emission. So despite of an efficiency of about 93 %, the very low limit values for the emission of nitrogen oxides will be observed (80 mg NOX per NM3). Another special feature of this plant lies in the redundant design of the boiler plant. It allows a "flying change" between parts of the plant.

Heaters with waste heat recovery units are part of the heat 11 range of products to increase the energy efficiency which includes also plants for solar thermal power plants as well as the generation and treatment of heat, electricity and gas from biomass.


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