Ingenious Sliding Mechanism

(PresseBox) (Horstmar, ) Owing to their different lengths, and the fact that during transportation the load has to be distributed in accordance with the law, containers represent a challenge to hauliers. Either they include various container chassis in their fleet, or they use the new S.CF 40' with sliding bogey − which Schmitz Cargobull has now completely redesigned.

The farmer would like to have an "egg-laying jackrabbit mule", or an "all-in-one device for every purpose" − but can't. The haulage company is in a better position, however. For them there is the new S.CF semi-trailer container with sliding bogie from Schmitz Cargobull. With this it is possible to transport all standard 20' to 40' containers without difficulty, position 20' containers flush with the rear for loading and unloading and drive it with the axle load placed ideally at the centre. Another advantage is that even with high-cube containers it is possible to achieve a legally-compliant overall height of four metres. The law and physics of driving stipulate a clear requirement for safe cross-border transport, where at least 25 percent of the vehicle weight must be on the drive axle of the semi-trailer tractor unit in order to ensure sufficient traction, and good handling, of the entire truck/trailer combination. The new S.CF 40' with sliding bogie fulfils this requirement easily.

The clever aspect of this semi-trailer container chassis is the sliding bogie with two different wheelbases. For loading and unloading, the wheelbase is simply shortened semi-automatically. This means that the chassis is pushed in, so to speak, so that the rear of the container is flush with the ramp. When the journey continues, the wheelbase is increased again, the chassis extended again, so that the container is located centrally and the axle loads are ideally distributed. Operation is very simple thanks to the comfort control system and only two adjustable wheelbase positions, so that incorrect operation is impossible. This saves time and money for the driver, shipping agent and hirer. It is therefore ideally suited for a frequent change of drivers and rental companies because damage and any resulting expensive, time-consuming, repairs can be avoided.

The new pneumatically lowered mudguards mean that the displacement height is reduced and the lifting time until this height is reached − even in the case of heavy 20' containers − is lower. The stability of the mudguards is very high due to the fact that they are not permanently mounted on one axle. This makes them considerably more stable even on bad road surfaces with their increased service life. As an extension of the product portfolio, Schmitz Cargobull offers an additional version of the S.CF with sliding bogie, which can transport almost every type of container from the 20' to the 45' versions. The technology and operation of this version have also been simplified and made more robust.


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