Easily improving efficiency: SOTA SOLUTIONS receives seed investment

(PresseBox) (Berlin / Bielefeld / Bonn, ) Software which creates itself and increases profit - this is the successful concept of SOTA SOLUTIONS, which convinced investors in the early stage. The High-Tech Gründerfonds together with the Gundlach Group supports the start-up from Berlin as investors to enter the market of biochemistry and biogas.

SOTA SOLUTIONS develops software which enables to predict and improve complex processes. Those processes can be steps in the biochemistry's production as well as controlling biogas facilities. Two of the main targets are for example finding the best mixture for a product or letting the facility's components work together as effective as possible. However, there are very complex processes which still are not known to 100%, as for example the biogas process. Because of many factors involved processes are so complex that even experts are not capable to solve them easily and efficiently.

Software which has the right techniques for prediction and optimization can be a strong tool for saving costs and stress. Until now, the creation of such tools has only been possible over a long period of time and with the knowledge of professional software developers and mathematicians. The development over many years by the SOTA-team makes it now possible to automate this process - software which creates itself.

Within this process of "automation", different methods of A. I. (artificial intelligence) are combined with a huge source of proven processes. A high-performance computer automatically chooses a process appropriate to the problem and then adjusts it to the needs of each customer. The result is an individual complex system which takes as little time to be created as it takes to produce a standard software - the main requirement for an aspiring license model.

The first product SOTA MIX was created out of a very successful proof of concept in biochemistry with a reduction in costs of 13 % in 2011. Prototypes for the prediction of biogas facilities followed and after their success, SOTA SOLUTIONS focused on product development in the industry of renewable energies. Since mid 2012 the technological obstacle to plant control systems has been overcome with InfiniRel as a partner. This allowed a first step into the American market.

"The financial support allows a faster rollout of our existing products and secures further development in the biogas sector. In the medium term, it is planned to apply the software in sectors like logistics, resource management and warehousing", explains company founder and general manager Kolja Bailly.

Michael Strzyz, investment manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds adds: "The innovative and at the moment unique technology, that is particularly able to make complex and non-linear processes predictable, convinced us to invest."


Company founder and general manager Kolja Bailly developed the SOTA technology already during his studies in informatics and was supported by a team of four in 2010. As a start-up of the Berlin University for Technology (Technische Universität Berlin), SOTA was founded on the basis of EXIST. From the very beginning SOTA worked closely together with the first-class university.

A financial support by the EIT (European Institute of Technology) under the Climate-KIC program followed as well as the label "Best of 2012" by Initiative Mittelstand. At the end of 2011 SOTA started together with the partners Peter Kock, head of technology, and Sebastian Körner, sales and marketing manager. In May 2012 the half-year turnover of € 50,000 was used to found SOTA SOLUTIONS. On 21st November 2012 SOTA received the "start-up" label given by the Berlin University of Technology.

The Gundlach Group in brief

Gundlach - media for people and brands Founded in 1847, the Bielefeld-based Gundlach Group provides customised packaging & printing, publishing and process intelligence solutions to customers from a range of industrial specialisations.

The Gundlach Group's subsidiaries have conquered attractive niche markets across Europe using highly specialised packaging and printing solutions, with products include high-quality packaging solutions, folding boxes and cartons, panels, tea tags and envelopes, adhesive labels, displays, POS concepts, posters and MLBs.

Four companies have joined forces in publishing high-quality journals, cycling maps, web portals, and mobile apps, as well as Rad Club Deutschland, Germany's national cycling club. Gundlach Group has also taken an active part in shaping the new media environment in areas such as renewable energy, automotive industry, cycling and sports betting.

Gundlach has focused its capabilities programming for complex processes for process intelligence together with its partners, with all-round digital solutions opening up a host of new opportunities for POS campaigns - advertising that can be automated and activated to any schedule ensures perfect customer contact. Software for mobile ad networks and intelligent technologies for process optimisation round off the Gundlach Group's range of activities.


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