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Enhancement "video recording"
(PresseBox) (München, ) Record video and audio from your test with the blue PiraT2!
Are you interested in the driver's perspective, the course of the road, the instrument cluster or in the head unit display during the test ride in order to facilitate the subsequent analysis?
In addition to the multiplicity of vehicle buses, the blue PiraT2 can record up to 4 video signals. These video signals can be transmitted from analog cameras, or even directly from a testing device.
The analog video signals will be transmitted via a video server over Ethernet to the blue PiraT2. The video recording can be adjusted via different user settings to match particular applications.
The blue PiraT2 client software is able to cut and convert this video to match your
desired time frame and provide this video with time-stamp in MPEG-4 format.
In combination with the voice recording function of the Remote Control Voice this is an complete package for your data collection!
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