New Autocoro 8 capacities for one of Europe's most modern textile groups

Linz Textil GmbH, Landeck Spinning Mill
(PresseBox) (Übach-Palenberg, ) Linz Textil GmbH is investing in the new Autocoro 8. Based in Linz, Austria, Linz Textil Holding AG is considered one of the leading textile groups in Europe, with production plants in Austria, Croatia and China. 175 years of textile experience are combined with the latest textile manufacturing technologies at Linz Textil to produce innovative products, such as yarns and fabrics for the garment industry and for technical textiles. The company's recipe for success includes an extremely high degree of customer orientation and a passion for cutting-edge technologies.

In its Austrian mill in Landeck (Tirol), Linz Textil specializes among other things in the production of open end yarns from 100% cotton. As in all of the company's plants, the machinery is thoroughly modern to enable it to react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. Linz Textil is one of the first spinning mills in Europe to recognize the potential of the new Autocoro 8. The experts at the Landeck rotor spinning mill spent a year analyzing the Autocoro 8 in detail, and the company installed the second machine in 2012. Christian Ascher, the plant manager at Linz Landeck, says: "The new Autocoro has impressed us in all areas. The increase in productivity is first-class and we save more than 20% on energy costs. The yarn quality is also considerably better. In particular, the yarn strength is much higher, which gives our weaving yarns a decisive advantage. As our production is very customer-oriented, flexibility is one of our outstanding strengths. Thanks to the PilotUnit on the Autocoro 8, we can produce yarn and develop new yarns at the same time. No customer needs to wait - neither the customer who has ordered a normal yarn lot, nor the customer seeking a handful of sample packages of certain grades. The multi-lot capability of the new Autocoro 8 fits in perfectly with our corporate philosophy. Compared with the older machine technology, the Autocoro 8 is a logistical marvel. We can now coordinate our lot sizes precisely to our clients' requests and we finally have all the freedom we need, even with regard to yarn and package parameters, to offer our customers an even more individual service and to consolidate our market position."


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