NovaStor Announces New User Interface for their Enterprise Backup Software

In contrast to the competition, NovaStor reduces backup complexity and administrative effort with NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0, which is scheduled for launch in January 2013.
NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0 - a comprehensive overview using a basic table principle for presentation (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) For the new version 5.0 of its cross-platform enterprise backup software NovaBACKUP DataCenter, data protection specialist NovaStor meets the real life needs of IT administrators. NovaStor has set the goal of transforming the complexity of backup and recovery in enterprise environments into a simple, well-understood operation. With this in mind, NovaStor announced today a completely new user interface for NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0, with an estimated release date of mid-January 2013.

Making a Difference: Clear table structures instead of complex click paths
While other manufacturers keep adding new complexity to the user interfaces of their products, NovaStor focuses on the key functional areas of backup and restore for companies with version 5.0 of its enterprise backup software. NovaBACKUP DataCenter allows customer-specific adjustments and automation of complex processes during the implementation phase. The user interface, at which administrators manage the everyday data backup, focuses on the core requirements of enterprise backup and offers a comprehensive overview using a basic table principle for presentation.

The new interface is designed to offer administrators a significant improvement, not only with regard to the present version of NovaBACKUP DataCenter 4.7, but also compared against other popular enterprise backup products. A streamlined arrangement of interface structures that cover typical backup processes, helps to speed up administration and to avoid the most common errors.

Stefan Utzinger, CEO at NovaStor: "The popular comparison of data backup and insurance fits nowhere as good as when looking at the user interface of backup and restore software: Complex user interfaces are comparable to unintelligible policy conditions. For NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0, we have analyzed complex processes until we were able to represent them in a clear and easily digestible manner."

Product demonstrations and previews of NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0 are now possible. The widespread availability of NovaBACKUP DataCenter 5.0 has been announced for January 15, 2013.

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