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Record Attendance at the 10th Modeling Conference, Insight 2012
(PresseBox) (Nuremberg, ) MID GmbH: A company's success requires effective IT. This is why good communication between business and IT and for the two to work together is key. However, many of the participants to the tenth Innovator user conference, Insight 2012, November 20 in Nuremberg, confirmed that communication between the operating and IT departments was not always easy. Customers, partners and MID employees used concrete project examples in their practice talks to show how to improve collaboration between business and IT by using graphic models with Innovator. MID showcased the latest Innovator developments and what the near future holds for Innovator in the cloud - a portal that all stakeholders can easily access with top-of-the-range social media communication functions.

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MID managing director, Jochen Seemann outlined current and future requirements the IT department can reposition themselves around in his keynote. Often seen as a mere cost factor nowadays, IT will be required as a driver for innovation in the future. The chief information officer becomes the chief innovation officer. Communication is the key to integrating business and IT. It needs to work in such a way that targets, strategies, architectures and processes can align with each other.

Even complex technical requirements can be quickly displayed and documented using graphic models. Simple diagrams with lots of detailed information found within them help the operating and IT department to quickly come to an agreement. Project times and the hassle of implementation can be cut and fixed prices can be planned.

The Innovator Enterprise Modeling Suite links the various models from business processes, from software design right through to implementation. This forces business and IT to work together to increase efficiency. Role-based editors for business analysts, software architects and database architects simplify things and increase model quality.

MID will be introducing a portal next year to allow all stakeholders to access all information in the models. "Even those who do not use Innovator themselves will soon be able to get all model information from a portal" explains Jochen Seemann. MID also intends to make the modeling design even easier, provide features for each client and extend collaboration in real-time to include social media functions.

The user presentations, including those from the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, DAK, the Forestry Commission for Baden-Württemberg (ForstBW) and SAP, showed that MID's customers already use Innovator for business-IT alignment.

MID uses BPMN 2.0 for modeling business processes. The notable BPMN expert, Professor Dr. Thomas Allweyer, used his keynote to point out that this standard is very extensive and that the entire language scope is rarely used. Many customers have defined their own domain-specific language (DSL) as a subset; this can then be used by the operating departments to carry out modeling with very little training necessary.

Dr. Mario Herger, SAP innovation strategist for enterprise gamification demonstrated in his keynote how training new employees is currently carried out quickly and easily using models, but could also be carried out in the future using gamificiation elements as well to bring a light-hearted note to the training. He encouraged the participants to introduce playful components into all processes, product developments or communication processes to act as motivation.

There wasn't a spare seat in the house throughout the day, right up until the final keynote by world best referee of the decade, Dr. Markus Merk, who kept the audience both entertained and inspired right through to the punch line.

Demos and workshops ran in parallel to the talks and were very popular, allowing participants to try their hand at Innovator. There was lively banter between visitors, customers, employees and partners in the conference breaks.

With approximately 200 guests, Insight 2012 saw a new record attendance and enthusiastic feedback, such as "The keynotes are always a highlight" and "Thank you for the friendly atmosphere, great talks and continuing further development of both the company and the tool".

You can see impressions and all copies of the speech for Insight 2012 under

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