Upheaval of the solar industry – Soventix demonstrates effective business in times of uncertainty

Investments in solar projects are still a valuable asset, as proven by the Soventix GmbH with successful project sales in Italy
630kWp Projekt Fratte Rosa (PresseBox) (Duisburg, ) In the Italian Marches, only 50km away from San Marino, a 630kWp Solar system supplies around 300 households with green energy. The site has been developed by Soventix GmbH and its project company Sole Marche S.r.l. Recently it has been sold to strategic investors successfully.

According to the project developer, nowadays, successful solar project sales are not a matter of course anymore, especially in Italy and Germany. In both countries, severe cuts of the feed-in tariffs have led to a situation, where particularly large solar power plants are hardly marketable. The unstable European solar politics constitute an incalculable risk and the resulting uncertainty of potential Investors is clearly noticeable within the entire industry.

Countless insolvencies paint the picture of a shattered branch, in Germany, the EEG apportionment implies that solar energy is still far from being competitive.

"But this is a clear fallacy", explains Thorsten Preugschas (CEO). "The premises or successful project sales have merely shifted. Nowadays, we have to work as efficient and cost-effective as possible on an international level. The Soventix GmbH has proven its excellent international set-up, we have available a worldwide network of partners, suppliers and investors."

The experience, Soventix gained in projects in dozens of countries, enables the company to act flexible and adaptive and to make the most of each project.

Preugschas highlights, that the shift of the solar market should not be evaluated exclusively negative: "The potential of solar energy is not even close to being exhausted." The market has evolved so rapidly from a highly specialized niche-segment to industrial mass production, that "the permanent transformation of the corporate landscape is merely a natural consequence". "In fact", Preugschas continues, "this change is essential to compete with conventional energy producers. Already today, we are able to produce competitive energy prices in many countries, without the least public subsidies."


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