Our Biggest Augmented Reality Update Ever, Just in time for the Holidays!

(PresseBox) (München, ) December 10th was an exciting day for both metaio and the AR community: With the release of three major product updates, AR professionals, from all around the world, can finally develop AR experiences as well as AR applications more easily and faster than ever before.


- metaio Creator 2.5: The metaio Creator gives you the ability to attach websites, video, 3-D models, graphics or any other digital content to any print media. All of this is made possible through metaio's latest image recognition, visual search and augmented reality technologies. Now also available for Mac OS X users! Learn more.

- metaio Cloud: This new cloud service is as a complete solution to your AR experiences and AR applications providing you with a complete hosting solution as well as a fully integrated delivery solutions for your AR content. Run your own AR application with metaio Cloud, starting from 490€/$550 a month on a 6 month subscription. Learn more.

- metaio SDK 4.1: With its latest improvements, we can definitely say that the metaio SDK 4.1 is by far the best development AR product on the market. Aimed at developers, this revamped SDK adds flexibility to your existing work flow, it offers a reliable platform and finally it also includes professional support. It's the only AR SDK in the industry that allows you to develop native apps with no hidden costs or additional plug-ins. Learn more.

Introducing the New metaio Creator with Cloud Capabilities

Creating extensive and professional Augmented Reality experiences and bringing them to your audience has never been easier and affordable! Drag and drop your content to augment it will only take a few minutes, then all you need to do is save that same content on the metaio Cloud. All of this without ever having to submit an app update. If you're new to application development, you can develop the interface from the Creator and don't worry because no coding and development are needed. It's that easy!

New Features found in metaio Creator version 2.5:

- Full Mac OS X support (version 10.7 and higher)
- 3-D Tracking Support
- Create your own AR Applications right from metaio Creator
- Simple UI Designer to customize your App experience
- New AR resources (i.e Google+, Facebook, Twitter and many more)
- Integrated with the metaio Cloud service

Introducing the all New metaio Cloud

The metaio Cloud is a revolutionary new service available for AR developers and producers. Designed to operate securely and effortlessly with the latest version of the metaio Creator, the metaio Cloud allows you to easily push and swap your content to the consumer in real-time, without the necessity of traditional lengthy approval processes.

Interested in delivering your own AR content through your own AR application? We have good news for you! Choose one or a combination of our flexible licensing options: you can either publish your app completely for free, but with a watermark or select one of our flexible watermark free options, starting from only 490€/$550 a month on a 6 month subscription.

metaio Cloud provides:

- Easy AR content hosting and delivery
- Full integration with metaio’s free AR Browser app - junaio
- Full integration with metaio Creator 2.5
- Full integration with the junaio Developer API (i.e. plugin your AR into existing apps)
- Publish your own AR app for free (with watermark)
- Flexible and affordable licensing to run your own AR app without watermark

Introducing the New metaio SDK

Develop native Augmented Reality applications for IOS, Android and Windows deployment using the metaio SDK. The metaio SDK includes a powerful 3-D rendering engine with plug-ins for Unity. Take advantage of the advance tracking features, such as Markerless 2-D and 3-D Tracking, client-based visual search and SLAM. There are no hidden fees, costs, or extra plug-ins necessary to get started... The metaio SDK is the best value for AR developer's solutions on the market!


- Native App development for iOS, Android and PC (Windows)
- Includes powerful 3-D Rendering engine at no additional cost
- Includes Unity3D Plugin for Advanced Gaming Features (iOS & Android)
- Most advanced Augmented Reality Features in the industry
- FREE commercial usage (with watermark)
- Best developer service & support


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