Data Centre Supplier Minkels In The Running for Best European Data Center Blueprint Award

(PresseBox) (Veghel, the Netherlands, ) Minkels, a global supplier of modular data centre solutions, has been selected as a finalist for the DatacenterDynamics EMEA Awards 2012 in the category 'Data Center Blueprints'. Minkels was shortlisted on the basis of extensive research carried out by its R&D department, which resulted in the publication of a whitepaper containing a blueprint design for data centre airflow optimisation. The ultimate winner of the 'Data Center Blueprint' prize is to be announced during the official DatacenterDynamics awards ceremony being held in London on 13 December.

Minkels' R&D department recorded the findings of its study into airflow optimisation in the recently published 'Rack Airflow Optimisation' whitepaper. A blueprint design was then drawn up on the basis of the findings, comprising directions on how to optimise airflows to such an extent as to render a data centre as energy efficient as possible. Minkels maintains that airflow management is the next vital step towards the achievement of energy efficiency in data centres. The 'Rack Airflow Optimisation' whitepaper can be accessed at the following website:

Data Centre Racks, airflows

"Many organisations throughout Europe have already taken measures to render the layout of a data centre more energy-efficient, including investments in Free Cooling, Fresh Air Cooling, energy effective UPSs and Cold Corridors for the energy efficient segregation of hot and cold airflows," says Jeroen Hol, Minkels' Chief Executive Officer (CEO). "The optimisation of airflows is a far less common measure, unfortunately. After all, this is an area in which considerable energy savings can be achieved for a relatively modest investment. Our R&D findings confirm this."

The R&D research carried out by Minkels reveals that the recirculation of cooling air within a data centre rack is responsible for unnecessary energy losses within a data centre. "The application of Cold Corridors is a basic requirement in preventing such losses of cooling air," Mr Hol continues. "The use of data centre accessories to further optimise airflows enables one to raise a data centre's airflow and temperature management - and therefore also its energy efficiency - to a higher plane."

Data Centre Accessories, the right choices

The use of the appropriate data centre accessories, specific accessories which are installed in the appropriate areas throughout a data centre, results in a significant reduction in energy consumption. This is borne out by the R&D research performed by Minkels.

"Data centre accessories are available in all shapes and sizes," Mr Hol says. "It is therefore a question of making the right choices and installing specific accessories in a select number of areas within the data centre, namely those places where they have maximum effect. Our R&D department has included all the necessary details in the whitepaper, providing insight into the most optimum and energy efficient means of conducting airflows."

Minkels is to join the three other finalists in its category at the official DatacenterDynamics awards ceremony in London on Thursday 13 December, to discover which of them is to receive the prestigious 'Data Center Blueprints' award. Mr Hol explains: "We feel highly honoured to have been shortlisted for the finals of the DatacenterDynamics Awards. And we naturally hope that all our efforts in the field of R&D, and the data centre knowledge we have shared with the market in publishing the whitepaper, will ultimately pay off."

This is incidentally the second category of the DatacenterDynamics Awards 2012 in which Minkels has reached the final round. It was recently announced that Minkels had also been jointly shortlisted with a Swiss client - Deltalis RadixCloud, which runs a data centre located in the middle of a mountain close to the Gotthard range in Switzerland - for the 'Most Extreme Data Center Deployment' award.


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