Imec - a socially responsible and sustainable R&D organization

(PresseBox) (Leuven, ) From its start, back in 1984, it has always been one of imec's goals to be a socially responsible organization. Our mission states that we are committed to develop nano-enabled solutions in ICT, healthcare and energy that allow people to have a better life in a sustainable society. But we also work, day-to-day, to improve our way of doing R&D, of making it more environmentally friendly. And we greatly care for the well-being and education of our people, we value diversity in the workplace and we support solidarity around the globe. These concerns are reflected in our imec values: integrity, passion, connectedness and excellence.

For you, our partners and contacts, our social engagement is mainly reflected in our research programs, like the ones on healthcare or energy. With these research programs, we have the ambition to deliver technology solutions to the global industry that form the fundaments for a better future. Solutions that increase the wellness and welfare around the world. Solutions, for example, for a sustainable and patient-friendly healthcare system, and for greener energy generation and consumption.

But our corporate social responsibility also shapes the way that we function as an organization. We want to set an example, striving for sustainable operation through the eco optimization of our infrastructure and of our way of working. To set ourselves a tangible and measurable goal, we have selected eco-relevant parameters for both our offices and laboratories. Set out in a radar plot, these parameters will define our ecological footprint, which we will begin report from next year on.

Caring about the well-being of our employees, we also focus on a healthy work-life balance and stimulate a healthy way of working and living. We help our people strengthen their employability in the innovation industry. To do so, imec Academy, our training centre, offers expert training to our employees and partners in state-of-the-art technology. Last, we encourage youngsters' and students' interest and participation in science and technology.

Integrity, passion, connectedness, and excellence. These are the four values that form the imec identity. We want to maximize the impact of these values, both with our new employees and with our partners. It is our ambition that every decision that is taken at imec is based on these values. Everyday, smaller decisions, but also more far-reaching decisions.


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