Now it is getting juicy: Arabian Beverage Co (ABC) opts for combifitSmall with screw-cap combiSmart from SIG Combibloc

Refreshing drinks in practical, reclosable carton packs
(PresseBox) (Linnich, ) SIG Combibloc's carton pack combifitSmall with screw cap combiSmart has been successful in the area of milk and dessert products. Now it is getting juicy. Arabian Beverage Co (ABC) from Kuwait is offering a whole range of refreshing fruit juices in this practical, reclosable carton pack: a novelty in the non-carbonated soft drinks (NCSD) market.

The aromatic fruit juices in combifitSmall 350 ml are available in orange, mango, red grape, guava, pomegranate and fruit cocktail. Bader Al Ostad, Group Sales Director, at the Arabian Beverage Co says: "The small, reclosable carton pack is perfect for our products, which are ideal as a fruity refreshment - the pack is easy to drink from, not just at home but also while on the move, as it can be closed again. The extraordinary yet practical combifitSmall carton pack with the screw cap provides ideal packaging for our fruit juices."

On the shelf in the shops, combifitSmall with screw cap stands out clearly from all the competitors' products. "This packaging is an appropriate response to the trend for convenience foods that is being reflected more and more in consumer behaviour," says Bader Al Ostad. "The 'wings' on the sides make the convenient combiSmart cap particularly easy to open and close again."

The combiSmart cap has three components: the flange, an integrated cutting ring and the screw cap. Following the aseptic filling process, the cap is placed on the closed pack using an applicator. There is no need to pre-perforate the cardboard: the cutting ring in the flange opens the carton pack cleanly and effortlessly with a single twist.

combiSmart is also perfect for drinking directly out of the pack, as well as being ideally suited to measuring out the product and closing the pack again. "We expect that the combifitSmall and combiSmart combination will also catch on best in the area of non-carbonated soft drinks in future," says Hanno Bertling, Global Product Manager Opening Systems at SIG Combibloc.


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