Two compact BOY's at the Interplastica in Moscow

(PresseBox) (Neustadt-Fernthal, ) BOY will demonstrate two BOY injection moulding machines at the Interplastica in Moscow (January 29 - February 01 2013). The Russian BOY distributor in booth FF54 will present an ultra-compact BOY XS and a BOY 22 E with an energy-efficient servo-drive.

The BOY XS will make bookmarks

With a clamping force of 100 kN and a footprint of only 0,77 m² the BOY XS is the new industry standard for micro and sprueless, single-cavity moulding. The 12 mm plasticizing unit and the innovative Procan ALPHA ® control provide absolute precision, repeatability, and ease of operation. The diagonally arranged two-tie bar design makes the plasticizing unit, mould area and ejector very accessible. The design of the BOY XS allows for optimal automation solutions. The advantage: maximum efficiency with maximum precision.

BOY 22 E combines efficiency, dynamics and compactness

The BOY 22 E still enjoys great popularity. The servo-drive, which reduces energy consumption up to 50 % and its small footprint are two main reasons. The hydraulic system has been optimized through the use of plungers. In addition, the delivery volume of the hydraulic pump has been increased by 10 %, which has lead to an increase of the driving speed and improved dynamics. According to EUROMAP 6 standards, these improvements has reduced the dry cycle time by more than 30 %. It is now 1.1 s - 178 mm.

The BOY 22 E is characterized by maximum precision and reliability. With a footprint of 1,96 m2 the ultra-compact BOY 22 E is simply, clearly and ergonomically designed. During the Interplastica, the BOY 22 E will produce the frame parts of a linen tester magnifier.

"With these two interesting exhibits we will surely be able to impress many visitors", believes Wolfgang Schmidt, new Export Manager of BOY. In January he will succeed Klaus Engel, who has significantly shaped the worldwide development of BOY as Export Manager for more than 30 years.


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