Regulated Tariff to Become Start Price for Day-Ahead Capacity Auctions

(PresseBox) (Leipzig, ) From 31 December 2012 all day-ahead capacity auctions on TRAC-X primary will start at the regulated tariff. With this change the German transmission system operators (TSOs) in cooperation with the platform operator TRAC-X are implementing the decision of the German Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) as described in the document "Änderung der Festlegung in Sachen Kapazitätsregelungen und Auktionsverfahren im Gassektor ("KARLA Gas") / BK7-12-201". The German TSOs have been auctioning their day-ahead capacity at cross-border and German market area interconnection points through the TRAC-X primary platform since 2 April 2012.

Due to the Federal Network Agency's decision the current day-ahead start price of 0 Euro will be changed to the regulated tariff. In its decision paper the Federal Network Agency explained the amendment as follows:

"The transport customer quickly adjusted to the optimisation possibilities given by the KARLA Gas determination. The resulting changes in their booking behaviour no longer justify the original assumption that the offered day-ahead capacities primarily would come from surrendered or renomination-restricted - and therefore already paid for - capacity. This assumption was, however, the central reason behind the 0-Euro start price. Due to the changed actual conditions it is necessary and advisable to cancel the exception for day-ahead capacity auctions and to apply the general surcharge principles to day-ahead capacities, where the regulated tariff serves as the start price for the respective auctions."

The complete decision paper of the Federal Network Agency is available in German under


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