NGR's Next Generation S:GRAN recycling machines series

(PresseBox) (Feldkirchen, ) Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH, Feldkirchen a.d. Donau - leading Austrian manufacturer of plastics recycling machinery has re-engineered its S:GRAN series for the re-pelletizing of technical- and thermoplastics. The recycling lines are now even more energy efficient as well as user friendly.

The reworked design language of the highly versatile S:GRAN recycling machine is intended to reflect its innovative strength, high efficiency and ease of operation. However, an improved external appearance was not the only objective of recent re-engineering. Indeed, numerous aspects of the most successful machine series from NGR-Recyclingmaschinen GmbH have been subjected to what is partly considerable upgrading.

Apart from a modernized appearance, the focus was also on still better user-friendliness, enhanced process stability, increased performance and energy efficiency. Accordingly, in line with the "Power Intelligence" concept, the efficiency of the drive train has been raised by the utilization of frequency inverters as a standard feature, the electrical switching cubicle has been fitted with air conditioning and the shredder knife redesigned in order to allow its multiple use. Moreover, reduced standstills and thus increased machine availability have been attained through the systematic use of greater machine component accessibility, which facilitates servicing and cleaning.

After a two-year planning and implementation period, a satisfied Thomas Pichler, the NGR CTO, is able to state: "All in all, with this latest S:GRAN generation our customers now have at their disposal an even more mature product with clearly higher value added."

The facts about NGR Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH

Company profile: Production of machinery for the recycling of thermoplastic and technical plastics waste
Market position: Number two on the world market
Export share: 98 percent
Number of employees: 75
Branches: USA, Malaysia
Turnover business year 2011/12: 24 Mio EUR
Established: 1996


NGR - Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH
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