New flashing tapes for holohedral application from HANNO

HANNO, the specialist for building joint sealing from Laatzen near Hannover, has developed two new flashing tapes for window joint sealing.
Hanno®-DUO Easy+ and Hanno®-DUO Easy (PresseBox) (Laatzen, ) The tapes from the new Hanno®-DUO Easy series are provided with an adhesive layer over their entire surface so that no additional film adhesive is required if the base is suitable. Besides, the tapes are stretchable, fit corners and edges optimally and thereby compensate relative movements of the building elements.

Hanno®-DUO Easy has primarily been designed for curtain window elements of the type often encountered in low-energy buildings. The second new tape, Hanno®-DUO Easy+, has an additional adhesive strip on the opposite side. With this design, Hanno®-DUO Easy+ replaces conventional flashing tapes for many applications in building.

The new flashing tapes are moisture variable and can therefore be used indoors as well as outdoors. The sd value of both tapes varies between 0.48 < sd < 12.0 m. The high resistance to driving rain of > 1,050 Pa prevents the entry of moisture on the weather-exposed side. The important airtightness of an value <0.1 is obtained on the inside. The new flashing tapes can also be used in the cold season: If it is made sure that the area to which the tape is applied is not covered with a releasing film, e.g., by moisture, the tapes can be applied down to a temperature of -10°C.

All adhesive layers are covered with film instead of paper to prevent tearing the cover during application. The film cover is slit for ease of installation. In this way, the job can be completed quickly and easily.

All in all, Hanno®-DUO Easy and DUO Easy+ are construction time savers.


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