On the right way: China becoming a domestic sales market

(PresseBox) (Bonn / Beijing, ) China facing praise and criticism. While the global solar branch is sharply criticizing Chinese market participants, the atmosphere at the Intersolar China Conference was one of conciliation. The People's Republic is slowly evolving into a domestic solar market where policy-makers, businesses and consumers are concentrating more on decentralized electricity generation fuelled by PV. China is on "the path of change".

A shift in thinking has become apparent in China. The government, consumers and generators now see decentralized electricity generation with photovoltaic systems as more than just an attractive export opportunity and are starting to slowly develop the domestic market. The 2nd PV Briefing China saw 200 national and international market experts come together during the Intersolar China Conference held in Beijing to discuss these latest developments.

As system prices are generally lower in China, PV can be seen as viable alternative source of electricity generation believes the solar market analyst Minnan Wang. The introduction of incentive programs, from 2009, such as the Golden Sun and Solar Rooftop program mark the cornerstone for sustainable market growth in China said Wang. Although decentralized energy generation does not play a major role in China's climate policy, it improves overall energy security commented Leo Jiang, Chief Marketing Officer at Goodwe Power Supply Technology.

At the same time Jiang, in view of technological progress, called on the Chinese solar market to develop a uniform regulatory framework and improved market structures. Fubao Wu, Deputy Director of the Renewable Energy Department of China Electric Power Research Institute also addressed policy-makers. Wu pointed out that the Chinese Government already announced in September and October that decentralized electricity generation with photovoltaic would benefit from stronger support. By the year 2016 PV installations in China should be around 5 gigawatts of installations per year says Wu.

Speakers and panelists in the second session focused on "Solar Cities - A Path Towards Low-Carbon Cities". Dr. Bernd Dallmann, CEO of the Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH, presented his home town in Baden-Württemberg. Though Freiburg is more of a green city than a solar city, the ambitions of the inhabitants remain high. According to Dallmann the city should be a green city cluster uniting more than 140 technological companies and CO2 neutral by 2050.

Chiel Boonstra, Advisory Board Member of the International Solar Cities Initiative also emphasized the significance of conurbations for the further spread of decentralized energy generation capacity. China is on the right path stressed Boonstra and he sees this huge country continue to play a leading role in the future on the "path of change".

Event Information

The "2nd PV Briefing China" took place during the Intersolar China Conference in Beijing. The event was supported by the sponsor Goodwe Power Supply Technology as well as media partners PV-Tech, PV Magazine, Renewable Energy World and Sun & Wind Energy. Information on the agenda can be found on the website.

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