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LogiMAT 2013 in Stuttgart - Preview
(PresseBox) (Munich, ) Despite its ever increasing size, LogiMAT is determined to keep its reputation as an efficient and compact professional forum for doing business. A new layout in the halls for 2013 perfectly blends the interests of exhibitors, the exhibition management and the trade audience. With lots of new products and innovations on show and a clear division of space into industry segments, LogiMAT will again be a first-class shop window on the innovations capability and performance of the intralogistics industry. An extensive accompanying programme delivers a broad spectrum of know-how and information, to round off this top event.

Under its motto of 'Intralogistics - direct. Market place for innovations', LogiMAT 2013, the 11th International Trade Fair for Distribution, Materials Handling and Information Flow, will be taking place from 19 to 21 February 2013 at the New Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre. Around 1,000 international exhibitors, among them 130 first-time exhibitors, will be putting on presentations of the latest products and solutions. The event in 2013 will be "the biggest so far in the history of LogiMAT", said Exhibition Director Peter Kazander. For the first time this intralogistics fair is taking place not in one wing of the exhibition centre, but in six exhibition halls facing each other - in doing so, it is again adding an entire extra hall - with 10,500 square metres - to the previous total for the exhibition space taken up by the event. "In the last five years, we have not only had an ever increasing number of exhibitors, the size of their stands has also been expanding, by around one third, to just on 43 square metres. Which means of course that LogiMAT has also been getting correspondingly bigger," explained Kazander. "With the new hall layout we want to align the exhibitors' desire to put on high-quality stand presentations with the needs of the exhibition management and the trade audience for an easy overview of the sector. Because, despite its very pleasing expansion, LogiMAT must remain an efficient, compact forum for doing business."

As well as all the presentations put on by the exhibitors at their stands, the extensive accompanying programme will be another big draw for the trade audience at LogiMAT in 2013. The events here include lectures by the exhibiting companies and four live events; in 24 lecture blocks on six forum spaces around 90 high-calibre speakers from business, research and the international trade media will be discussing current themes in intralogistics, presenting solutions and identifying optimum strategies for business. Themes tackled in the talks range from 'Real-time location systems in logistics' and 'Consequences of demographic change on the logistics systems of the future' to 'Innovations in packaging logistics' and 'Variability: supply chains in a volatile age'.

Innovative and dynamic

A unique concentrated showcase of the sector awaits trade visitors at LogiMAT on over 74,000 square metres (+13 percent) of exhibition space; exhibitors from 25 different countries will be taking part (as of November 2012).

Some of the highlights at LogiMAT 2013:

The sections on materials handling and storage technology and operational equipment will again be particularly strong at LogiMAT 2013. The exhibitors from this segment will be presenting their products and services in Halls 1 and 3. There market leaders and innovators will showcase - in static and dynamic presentations - new ideas for optimising materials handling. For example, W. Feil GmbH (Hall 1, stand 241) will be presenting a further development of their patented tugger trains. This new development operates entirely without electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic components. MFI AG (Hall 1, stand 661) will be demonstrating their highly versatile gripper for all standard small parts load carriers. And in the area of warehouse and operational equipment LK-Metallwaren GmbH (Hall 1, stand 604) will be launching a world's first, the 'Thermovent Mixed-Air Distributor'. This has been developed specially for directly heated warm-air hall heating systems, as a way of significantly reducing energy costs.

Grouped in Hall 5 in the northern wing are suppliers of IT solutions for warehouse management and transport, simulation, order picking and archiving. Also here are new ideas for Cloud applications. commsult AG (Hall 5, stand 371) will be presenting its 'mobileERP' platform, complete with templates for the logistics area that can be used to produce - at the click of a mouse - user-specific apps for industrial devices, iPads, iPhones and Android smartphones. With SAP and other backends wide-ranging opportunities are available in many business areas for optimising business processes such as inventory, order-picking and deliveries. "IT is the backbone of intralogistics processes," says Kazander. "Many of the solutions on show at LogiMAT stand out for their user-friendly concepts coupled with the highest efficiency."

Halls 4, 6 and 8 in the southern wing are also dominated by information flow and warehouse dynamics. It starts in Hall 4 with labelling, identification and RFID components, systems and solutions for efficiently linking or separating goods and information. Exhibiting here for example is advanced PANMOBIL Systems GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 4, stand 407) with the world's first auto-ID scanner with a 'self-connecting' function, and IdentPro GmbH (Hall 4, stand 426) with its 'finderBox', a new type of system for managing information about operational assets via a Cloud database. Trade visitors can also get an overview, in Hall 4 and Hall 6, of what's on offer in modern solutions for stable and secure packaging that can withstand the stresses of transport. For example, Smurfit Kappa GmbH Wellpappenwerk Feucht (Hall 4, stand 300) will be showing how up to 1,000 differently shaped pieces and boxes can be replaced by just 1 to 6 different widths of continuous corrugated cardboard. BVM Brunner GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 4 stand 145) will be demonstrating a real highlight: a fully automatic despatch and returns packaging line for mail-order and e-commerce.

The action in Hall 6 at LogiMAT will be delivered by the suppliers of driverless transport systems. As well as the development of free-moving shuttles, these driverless systems are regarded as a transport solution for the future in warehouses. GÖTTING KG (Hall 6, stand 120) has a surprise in store for visitors with its new concept called KATE (a small, automatic transport unit). This differs from existing solutions in terms of technology, design and cost. The basic version is suitable in particular for loads of between 20 and 50 kg.

"With 15 well known companies exhibiting in this area, LogiMAT 2013 presents a full review of this entire segment," reports Exhibition Director Kazander. "Together with the manufacturers of ground conveyors, which are turning out virtually in full in Stuttgart, and the systems suppliers in Halls 1 and 3, LogiMAT is therefore covering the entire spectrum of solutions for dynamic materials handling in the warehouse."

The manufacturers of ground conveyors will be presenting new products and highlights from their current product palettes in Halls 6 and 8. Pramac GmbH (Hall 8, stand 303) is showcasing its I-TON, the world's first plastic hand pallet truck made almost entirely of technopolymer. Crown Gabelstapler GmbH & Co. KG (Hall 8, stand 101) is bringing along its 'Quick Pick', a new technology for reducing costs and increasing production in low-level order picking. And, last but not least, Toyota Material Handling Deutschland GmbH (Hall 8, stand 321) is also making use of LogiMAT 2013 as a presentation platform for two product premieres in the area of electric-powered ground conveyors. Here, innovation meets evolution: The highlight is two series-ready devices based on lithion-ion batteries, due out on the market in 2013.

Information value

A familiar and successful component in the concept behind LogiMAT is the real information value that this intralogistics fair delivers to its visitors in a series of trade forums, each lasting 90 minutes, and in the live events. At LogiMAT 2013 the programme is being extended even further, supported by leading specialist institutes such as AIM Deutschland, the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Lörrach (DHBW) and the Institut für Fördertechnik und Logistik at the University of Stuttgart (IFT), the Institut für Distributions- und Handelslogistik (IDH) of the VVL e.V., the Fraunhofer-Institut für Materialfluss und Logistik (IML) and the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI).

The IFT of Stuttgart, for example, is putting on an 'Intralogistics - Future -Technology Day' on the second day of the show. This will cover aspects such as performance assessment and optimum planning of human resources in manual order-picking, as well as how to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of intralogistics systems and equipment. In Hall 6, at stand 125, the IFT is putting on a 240 square-metre special show explaining what the future holds for intralogistics, based on new driverless transport systems. Three further live demonstrations are also offered at LogiMAT (Hall 5, stand 175): on 'Efficient Warehousing', at the 'Tracking & Tracing Theatre' (Hall 4, stand 503) and on 'Load securing' (Hall 8, stand 470). Know-how and information transfer are also offered in the trade forums set up in Halls 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6. At no extra cost trade visitors can pick up at these forums first-hand information on 24 themes currently affecting the intralogistics world:

- Lean logistics - Efficient materials handling in every area of your company
- Innovations in packaging logistics - focus on sustainability - Examples of successful collaboration between science and industry
- Reduce customs duty via preferential agreements - What logistics companies and purchasers need to know about dispatching goods
- No limits! - Using remote-controlled shuttles in warehouses
- Real-time location systems (RTLS) in logistics - Upgrading logistical objects for continuous positioning
- Planning priorities for driverless transport systems (DTS) - System interfaces and safety are of extreme importance
- The logistics control station - Assembly, functionality and range of applications of modern control stations in intralogistics, based on VDI Guideline 4493
- Stock management - 100% delivery service at '0' safety reserve - no problem!
- Mobile identification & labelling in logistics - AutoID technology as a basis for efficient planning, optimisation & control of logistic processes
- Retrofitting in logistics - Are you ready for the future?
- Variability: supply chains in a volatile age - How supply chain managers can react to rapid changes in markets and what instruments are available to help them
- Consequences of demographic change on the logistics systems of the future - Age pyramids and birth rate decline will have a significant influence on staffing needs
- Paradigm change in intralogistics - Intelligent and cooperative systems for efficient materials handling transport
- Focus on basic elements - Improving the efficiency of intralogistic machines via basic element optimisation
- Efficiency in manual order picking - Performance evaluation and optimum human resource planning
- Long-term optimum investment decisions - Total cost of ownership and lifecycle costs in logistics
- Tugger trains - technological concepts and trends - Standardisation vs. tailored solutions
- Known consignors - Last-minute strategies for logistics companies
- Time-phased production with SAP - Lean production is the key to success for manufacturing systems engineering
- A closer look at SCM tools - What is possible today and what will be required in future?
- Efficient use of packaging along the supply chain - New trends in packaging and load carriers
- Hedging against risks in logistics - More than the diesel floater!
- Continuing professional development for logistics companies - New knowledge for a dynamic sector
- Plug & Play in the logistics centre - The integration of new machines and devices in existing logistics plants. A range of innovations make this quick and easy to implement

In the 'Innovations Forum', taking place on all three days of the fair, more than 70 exhibitors will be holding 30-minute talks about their new products and concepts.

And, last but not least the famous 'Best Product Awards' will again be awarded at LogiMAT 2013. The three award categories are: 'Software, Communication, IT'; 'Order-picking, Packaging, Securing' and 'Procurement, Handling, Storage'. The awards will be presented on the first day of the fair in an open event, directly after the keynote address at the opening ceremony. (Hall 1 at Forum I).

"LogiMAT 2013 offers the intralogistics sector a highly attractive and successful start into the 2013 events year," promised Exhibition Director Peter Kazander. "The products and solutions and the wide-ranging information programme offered by this compact and efficient trade forum will again be an absolute highlight for the sector in 2013."

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