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Now simply continue using virtual PSTN numbers free of charge with TerraSip VoWLAN.
Every existing Virtual Number can be mapped on a TerraSip Account (PresseBox) (Estepona, ) For TerraSip members it is now possible to use the received landline number of another VoIP provider on a TerraSip member account.

Forwarding a geographical landline number on to the SIP account:
Before TerraSip offers the geographical call numbers, the so-called DIDs (Direct Inward Dialling), in all countries, the developer team has built a very user-friendly new feature in the account software. If a user had already received a landline number from somewhere in the world from another VoIP provider and if he would like to use this number now in connection with his TerraSip account, then he can do this easily.
He enters the account data of his previous provider within his personally protected area "MyTerraSip" and saves this data. In the same instant the forwarding of the received call number functions on his TerraSip account , i.e. the telephone configured with a TerraSip account rings, if the received landline number of the other x-arbitrary provider is called.

Accessibility with maximum flexibility:
Many voice over IP users have accounts with different providers. A once received DID does not loose its value, if one decides to use another service. The crucial advantage is that the users friends, family and business partners remain accessible under the same number. Administering and communicating different numbers - possibly on different devices - is not necessary any more with this solution.

"It is a small but a very fine tool, which lends virtual landline numbers a larger range with minimum resources. Since a customer can attach and also restore this function again completely, we are thus able to provide this function absolutely free of charge. We are proud to promote innovative developments and the use of VoIP" says Daniel David, the project manager.

The service is immediately usable for all members of the TerraSip community.


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