Innovator Steps Up IT Innovations Through Business-IT Alignment with Models

MID Showcases New and Exciting Features for its Modeling Tool Innovator
(PresseBox) (Nürnberg, ) MID GmbH: MID's new Innovator 11 R5 provides a universal solution for corporate modeling of business processes and development of supporting IT systems. A multitude of new functions support business-IT alignment and the basic prerequisites for speedy IT innovations. These include the process map and activity based costing, full UML 2 support and easy creation of multi-lingual diagrams, as well as creation and maintenance of model-based requirements directly in Word and Excel.

You can find more information about Innovator 11 R5 and a free test version for download under

Development of new areas of business is becoming more and more significant in IT. The IT department is not merely a service provider for operative business nowadays; it is seen more as an innovation driver. This means that it is even more important that management, operating departments and IT all speak the same language when agreeing on business aims and activities.

The modeling platform, Innovator, allows for one common language to be used by visualizing business processes using one central model. This makes it possible to make even complex issues easy to understand by all involved in a project. Innovator provides special tools for the business analyst, software architect and database architect; these can be used to work on the same central company model but from the respective person's point of view. Communication and collaboration between the various roles is made easier and quicker, increasing both efficiency and quality of results.

The new Innovator version also makes it easier for the IT department, operating department and management to communicate with each other by being able to see dependencies of business processes from the corporate view in a process map.

You can use activity-based costing to quantify targets and measure performance of processes: You can create key indicators in a table form. Analysis results can then be exported to Excel for analysis.

Innovator allows the user to choose how they want to create their requirements thanks to its tools specially developed for requirements management: whether that be as text, model, process, use case or mask flow. Textual requirements can now be created in Microsoft Word and Excel using Innovator Office Integration without Innovator even needing to be installed on the user's system. You can synchronize Excel or Word with the central Innovator model at the touch of a button.

Innovator for Business Analysts combines modeling languages from various standards into one role-specific tool. This means that business analysts can use both BPMN and UML to specify business processes and requirements for IT applications and business services. BPMN 2 processes can be exported into workflow engines to be directly executed there. This makes Innovator particularly suitable for model-driven software development and enables domain-specific language extensions to be set-up in a company-specific modeling platform. The new composite structure diagram, deployment diagram and sequence diagram provide full support for UML 2.

Other new and exciting features include multiple languages in all diagrams and easy translation management. A wide array of new functions have also been implemented for quick incorporation and ease of use of Innovator.

"IT innovations are the key to current and future company success. Business and IT need to be able to agree with one another to be able to quickly implement these innovations. Innovator has improved business-IT alignment thanks to models and quickly brings communication of those involved from both business and IT to the point at hand. This enables a decisive head start ahead of the competition", explains MID managing director and product strategist, Jochen Seemann.

You can find more information about Innovator 11 R5 and a free test version for download under

About Innovator

With Innovator, MID offers a mature solution for corporate modeling of processes and IT systems. Extensive functions support the powerful product, specifically various roles within the company and projects. Innovator enables effective and efficient integration of business and IT thanks to international standards used and effective extensions for its applications. Innovator is available for various roles and integration scenarios:

- Innovator for Business Analysts
- Innovator for Software Architects
- Innovator for Database Architects
- Innovator SAP Integration
- Innovator Office Integration


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