Innovative banking card integrates Secoder-2-level smart card reader

„Secocard“ provides highest security level for online and mobile banking as well as for mobile payment and Identity Management
banking card 63 (PresseBox) (Zug, Kanton ZUG, ) Swiss security expert EMPELOR GmbH introduces „Secocard“, the first smart card and banking card worldwide with integrated security level 3 and 4 PC/SC reader compliant to the Secoder-2 standard. The card reader with keypad and display is completely integrated within the card body. The innovative banking card, when used as a reader, features wireless communication with an application, via NFC or Bluetooth, offering significant advantage regarding security and ease-of-use as compared to currently used banking display cards with OTP, keypad or CAP capability.

Therefore, Secocard is a real “one-for-all” device: According to the requirements of the interacting device and the desired transaction, it may represent either a common smart card or a smart card reader with inserted smart card. Possible interacting devices are PCs, smartphones or tablets, as well as contactless POS or access control terminals. Furthermore, Secocard, due to its innovative design, is also suitable for conventional applications like cash points or girocard terminals.

With the secure display and PIN input, along with electronic signatures for user authentication and data integrity, Secocard has all the necessary prerequisites, to be used as the next generation banking card. „The implementation of the Secoder 2 standard (German banking security standard) on the smart card itself results in a high security level and a tremendous cost savings potential – both for banking institutes and for customers“, estimates Thomas Krebs, managing director of SIZ GmbH (Informatikzentrum der Sparkassen-Organisation GmbH). “In a device like Secocard I see a great chance for the banking card of the future“.

Users of a Secocard will not need separate smartcard readers and special TAN generators. All functions required for secure transactions are provided by the Secocard itself.


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