Custom Designed Icon-type Touch Key Display Solution

Touch key display from Winstar (PresseBox) (Quickborn, ) Texim Europe recently introduced a new custom designed icon-type touch key display solution from Winstar Display. This touch key display incorporate cutting-edge capacitive sensing technology and do not require a touch panel on top of the LCD panel. Winstar offers a cost-effective single layer ITO solution and a feature-rich double layer ITO solution. The touch key displays are designed with adjustable touch key sensitivity. Maximum of eight touch buttons are supported for both solutions. Custom design support is available from Winstar to meet specific customer requirements.

Single layer ITO solution
Single layer ITO touch key displays feature touch patterns and LCD cells share the same ITO layer. The top half of the glass features the display while the bottom half features touch key buttons.

Double layer ITO solution
Double layer ITO touch key displays allow the display icons to be touch buttons as the LCD cells and touch patterns are in different ITO layers.

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