128-channel USB Multifunction Analog I/O

DAQ-PACK from Acces I/O (PresseBox) (Quickborn, ) Texim Europe provides the DAQ-PACK Series from Acces I/O is a highly integrated multifunction data acquisition and control system. The DAQ-PACK performs signal conditioning such as RC filtering, current inputs, RTD measurement, bridge completion, thermocouple break detection, voltage dividers, small signal inputs, and sensor excitation voltage supply. Sustained sampling speeds up to 500kHz are available for 32, 64, 96, or 128 single-ended or differential analog inputs. Groups of eight channels at a time can be independently software configured to accept different input ranges.

A unique, real-time internal calibration system allows the unit to compensate for offset/gain errors giving a more accurate reading. The small, compact, multifunction I/O DAQ-PACK units provide the user with everything needed to start acquiring, measuring, analyzing, and monitoring in a variety of applications, all packaged in a rugged gold-zinc plated industrial enclosure.

The DAQ-PACK Series is plug-and-play which allows quick connect or disconnect whenever you need additional I/O on your USB port.

  • 32, 64, 96 or 128-channels, single-ended or differential analog inputs
  • High-speed USB 2.0 multifunction DAQ, sustained sampling speeds up to 500kHz
  • 12 or 16-bit resolution
  • Flexible, software configured functionality
  • Wide variety of input ranges, unipolar and bipolar, per 8-channel programmable
  • Extensive range of flexible signal conditioning types
  • Autocalibration and oversampling for real-time accurate data
  • A/D starts via software, timer, or external trigger
  • 2 16-bit analog outputs and 16 high-current digital I/O lines available
  • 16-bit programmable counter/timer
  • Type B USB connector features industrial strength and high-retention design
  • Extended temperature and DIN rail mounting provisions
  • OEM version (boards only) features PC/104 module size and mounting compatibility
Small, rugged, industrial, gold-zinc plated steel enclosure

These data acquisition and control devices can be used in many current real-world applications such as precision measurement, analysis, monitoring, and control in countless embedded applications.

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