PMC Ciphers code breaking challenge of a 38 bit key remained uncracked

The winner would have received 41.304g pure gold.
(PresseBox) (Bradford, Munich, Schoeffengrund, ) The PMC Ciphers challenge to break a short key with only 38 bit in size for the new standards-based Polymorphic Medley Cipher remained uncracked – and the 41.3g pure gold prize could not be claimed by anybody. The challenge started on December 03, 2012 and went for one month. The task was to break the passphrase of a small PDF document. The links to the PDF file, as well as to the full C++ source code of the new cipher are readily available at for free and anonymously.

"I'm pretty excited to be able to announce that a key as short as 38 bit for a standards-based Polymorphic Cipher remained uncracked in a public challenge. 38 bit is well below the former 40 bit limit for encryption products in order to exempted from export restrictions. ", says C.B. Roellgen from PMC Ciphers.

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