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Latest chapter in the success story of Genius 52UV
KBA-MePrint Chairman of the Board Holger Volpert with Extracopy CEO Stanislav Loskutov in front of the new Genius 52UV (left to right) (PresseBox) (Veitshöchheim, ) Despite the differing opinions of how the graphics industry in Russia may develop, Extracopy in St. Petersburg wanted to decide their own future.

The Russian printing business faced the inevitable: investment in new machinery. If they had worded their search for the right equipment like a personal ad in the newspaper, it would most likely have contained the following: "Young, creative business seeks printing equipment for the usual and not-so-usual print jobs. Paper or plastic - the print applications should be hugely flexible, and should not limit options from the get-go. Spontaneity for quick projects should not pose a problem, while space requirements for the solution should be as small as possible. Economy combined with excellent productivity a must.

There are certainly not many systems in the market that fulfil this particular spectrum of requirements. However, as the saying goes: "Seek and you shall find" - and eventually the list of requests made its way to Germany, to KBA-MePrint, the manufacturer of the probably best possible solution, which offered a match made in heaven: Genius 52UV.

"From lenticulars to Chromolux and even 0.8 mm plastic material - we tested it all on this water-free short inking machine. The demo marathon was followed by a quick decision - we will utilise Genius 52UV for our future business strategy. We have therefore not only been able to expand our product range of 3D flip images, Chromolux invitation/ greeting cards and booklets, but have paved the way for entirely new ideas, like magnetic fridge pins with comics motifs for kids, or magnetic football flags for cars or leisure use, which have become very popular with the fans. We can now also expand our product offering of traditional and extravagant plastic cards for lotteries and hotels, and add a multitude of new materials to the mix. We can proudly say with conviction that we can print on any material at all - unlike our competitors", explains Extracopy CEO Stanislav Loskutov confidently and with a big smile.

Following the successful installation of the system, it came as no surprise that the client soon after sent an invite for an open house event at their facility in St. Petersburg. Existing Extracopy clients and new prospective customers had an interesting and successful day with Genius 52UV, which means that the business idea of the St. Petersburg-based company will most likely be copied by others in the near future.


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