Neschen at the Grafische Vakbeurs 2013: Stand 547

Neschen’s decorative game of dice - An “Application Cube” as a testing ground for visitors
Logo Neschen AG (PresseBox) (Bückeburg, ) Once again, Neschen AG is present at the Grafische Vakbeurs & Vakbeurs Sign 2013 with its own stand (547) (Gorinchem/The Netherlands, 22–24.01.2013). A special “Application Cube”, with four different surfaces on which visitors can try out products for themselves, makes this a very special event.

At the Grafische Vakbeurs, the Bückeburg coating specialist is showing its prize-winning products “solvoprint easy dot 100 PE” and “Erfurt wallpaper CA” as well as the transparent adhesive film “gudy window”. The Neschen stand is decorated with the digitally printed polyester “VARItex decoframe” textile.

To allow on-the-spot testing of Neschen’s self-adhesive products, such as easy dot 100, the stand features an “Application Cube”, whose sides each have a different surface. This gives users the opportunity to try applying the adhesive films themselves on wood, glass, plastic and metal.

Easy to apply

The self-adhesive digital print film solvoprint easy dot 100 won the Viscom Award 2012 and was chosen as the "Top Produkt Handel 2012". The "dot-shaped" adhesive coating enables it to be applied quickly and easily, without using a squeegee. No special training or practical experience is needed to achieve bubble- and crease-free results. The air channels between the dots allow the film to be re-positioned if necessary on almost all surfaces. After an event, solvoprint easy dot 100 can be removed simply and leaves no residue.

The transparent version, easy dot 100 clear, is ideal for use on glass surfaces. Mirror-inverted printing allows inside-mounted window advertising. The self-adhesive film can also be used for stickers such as logos. After printing, the stickers are simply cut out of the film using a cutting plotter.

“Users are always amazed at how simple it is to apply easy dot 100,” says Carrie Kok, Account Manager at Neschen Benelux, “which makes the ‘easy-to-apply’ adhesive film the ideal medium for exploiting empty spaces quickly and simply to get marketing or advertising messages across.”

Neschen is showing another highlight, its digitally printed non-woven Erfurt wallpaper CA. Alongside use with (eco) solvent-based, latex and UV-curable inks, it has recently become available for water-based printing. This means the PVC-free wallpaper retains its environmentally-friendly quality when printing with water-based pigmented inks.

User-friendly application, particularly on glass

The double-sided self-adhesive foil gudy window enables easy mounting of printed media on interior glass surfaces. Advertising and marketing messages can be positioned on glass doors, for example, therefore making them clearly visible from the outside. To ensure that images and prints adhere well, one side of the Neschen adhesive film is coated with a permanent adhesive, the other with a structured, reversible adhesive. The foil can therefore easily be repositioned when mounting.

Another product features prominently in Neschen’s “Digital Interior Design” range, the multifunctional textile VARItex decoframe. A novel coating permits other modern inkjet printing processes to be used, in addition to DyeSub, without negatively affecting the haptic of the textile itself. The colours remain bright, vibrant and brilliant.

Picture: Neschen AG trade fair stand
Caption: The Neschen AG trade fair stand with “Application Cube” at the Grafische Vakbeurs 2013.

Picture: Neschen AG trade fair stand
Caption: At the Grafische Vakbeurs 2012 the Neschen trade fair stand was in a state of permanent flux: employees from the Bückeburg coating specialist showed how easy it is to re-design your stand – even for untrained users.

Picture: Picture Carrie Kok
Caption: “Users are always amazed at how simple it is to apply easy dot 100,” says Carrie Kok, Account Manager at Neschen Benelux, “which makes the ‘easy-to-apply’ adhesive film the ideal medium for exploiting empty spaces quickly and simply to get marketing or advertising messages across.”

Picture: easy dot 100 printed film
Caption: The digitally printable solvoprint easy dot 100 PE film is reversibly adhesive. It can be removed from almost all surfaces without leaving any residue. The adhesive coating, which is applied point-wise in a dotted pattern creating air channels, means that even large advertising areas can be applied easily, without bubbles or creasing.

Picture: Adhesive dots
Caption: Easy to recognize: the dotted adhesive coating on solvoprint easy dot 100 PE. Event organizers appreciate this reversibly adhesive film because this inexpensive digitally printable medium can be rapidly and easily applied without a squeegee, even by inexperienced hands. Once the event is over, it can be removed without residue from almost all surfaces. The film is therefore an ideal partner, especially for short-term events such as marketing actions and fairs.

Picture: Digitally printed Erfurt non-woven wallpaper
Caption: Digitally printed Erfurt non-woven wallpaper for customised interior design. These wallpapers have received many awards and are eco-friendly and free of PVC and softeners.

Picture: varitex decoframe
Caption: The polyester textile "VARItex decoframe" can be printed using both the DyeSub process and also pigmented water-based, UV-curable and latex inks. Due to the novel coating, the textiles retain their soft haptic after being printed. Here: A VARItex decoframe textile printed with latex inks. Neschen AG is using it to decorate its stand at the Grafische Vakbeurs 2013.

Neschen AG, Bückeburg – Graphics, Documents and Neschen Technical Coatings

Neschen AG develops, produces and markets innovative coated self-adhesive and digital print media worldwide, together with their processing machines and presentation systems. In addition, this internationally leading premium manufacturer uses its motto: "ideas for success" to help its partners to successfully market their products and services: in the graphics industry, library sector and in industrial applications.
The graphics product portfolio ranges from finishing, protection and mounting films to print media which can be used with modern digital printing technology for avant-garde architecture, decoration and advertising. The Bückeburg supplier is the first address for printing service providers, architects, designers, photographers, interior decorators and advertising agencies. The business unit Graphics also includes powerful laminating machines and high quality display systems.
The Documents sector comprises self-adhesive films and papers for the protection, repair and care of books. Libraries, archives and museums can also obtain the necessary working materials and processing equipment from Neschen. Numerous products in this series can also be used for picture framing: To fix, mount and protect pictures and photographs.
Based on more than 40 years experience with special coating methods, Neschen Technical Coatings can also offer industrial customers in all branches fully customized solutions. These range from surface finishes in the automotive industry to applications in the clinical-medical environment.
Around 440 employees at Neschen produced a global annual turnover of approx. 100 million Euro in 2011.

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