GRIDA, a dedicated manufacturer, seller and exporter of hangers, is expanding to Germany

(PresseBox) (München, ) GRIDA is a company specialized in manufacturing, selling and exporting hangers, and our unique products contain design philosophy and premium emotion considering the environment and human.

We have got design patents in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, and our products are also exhibited in world-renowned design competitions.
GRIDA is concentrating on creative ideas, to revive the individual's needs, wishes and dreams.

The GT and the Voyage of GRIDA are products derived from this corporate philosophy, so you will feel new and special fun, and chic and modern sensibility.

Motif: Visualizing with a unique design by the introduction of a common image of the exterior of the car and the premium image of the yacht

Design Concept: Unique features of hangers + Ergonomic elements + Value as the interior decorations of the car + GRIDA unique design philosophy

Design Features: Modern and unique design based on GRADA unique minimalist design philosophy using eco-friendly materials.

Main frame: After made of highly elastic steel, Modern Chrome & premium titanium color coating
Sub-frame: Coated with eco-friendly silicon to prevent slip and give a soft and luxurious feeling
Other components: Urethane coating in soft and luxurious materials with anti-skid function on A.B.S

Background of Product Development

As a keyword that represents the everyday life of modern people, it will be the busy city life, travelling, and business.
In addition, a car also has a close relationship with these three keywords.

It is the very car where modern people do their activities the most after at work and home in their daily.
Therefore, the car where modern people use the most is a necessity and a third-space.

Modern people think utmost importance of their appearance and toilette management to give a good impression in the busy day-to-day life.
You can control your appearance by yourself, but during driving a car which is a third space, clothes wrinkling or deformation will be often caused due to riding a car.

Main Customer

- User that pursues ease of life and his/her own personality
- User that takes trips and long-distance travels frequently for business
- User that looks for the unique designs and new products
- User that spends mostly daily life in the car after in a home or a workplace

How to Use

Mount on the load of the car's seat headrests.
(It is made of a hyper-elastic material, so it is bent easily and spread back easily.
First, insert one groove of the product into the headrests load, and after bending the frame of rest grooves inward, insert them into the rest of the head rest load.

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