SimBox of Telemotive AG.

An efficient tool for the CAN restbus simulation
(PresseBox) (München, ) January 16, 2013 – 5th Intl. Automotive Electronics Technology Expo (January. 16-18): As various control units are closely linked together, it is becoming increasingly important to test how a new control device will behave in conjunction with others. For tests like this, e.g. when developing the prototype of
a new control device, either all the control units have to be physically available or some of them are simulated. For example, this may be necessary, if the other networked control devices are not available in time for the control device supplier. When simulating basic control units, expensive software or oversized simulation devices are often used.
A very cost-efficient alternative to this is Telemotive´s recently launched SimBox.
The SimBox simulates the sending of CAN messages from a non-existent control device. These simulated control devices could be power windows, the ignition or a dimming sensor. The transfer of spontaneous or cyclical CAN messages is controlled by means of 24 programmable buttons.

With the GUI (Graphical User Interface) client the customer can easily assign a variety of different CAN-telegrams to the keys of the SimBox. The configuration can either be newly created or an existing one can be loaded to the SimBox. For sending out CAN telegrams it is also possible to define timers. This way messages can be sent cyclically or with a fixed delay.
The new GUI client software turns the SimBox into a freely programmable tool for restbus simulation which
our customers can use for a great variety of applications.
Visit us at our booth in “Hall: East, Number: E 13-11. We look forward to seeing you. Telemotive AG „we drive your ideas“.


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