New JTAG Support Option Adds Boundary-Scan

Capability to 6TL Functional Testers / JTAG Technologies delivers comprehensive hardware/software solution
New JTAG Support Option Adds Boundary-Scan (PresseBox) (Eindhoven, The Netherlands, ) JTAG Technologies, a leader in boundary-scan PCB test and device programming tools, and 6TL a functional test systems provider (and JTAG technology partner), announce a high-level JTAG support option for the YAVJTAG and YAVJTAH modules. The new solution allows 6TL users and systems builders to provide JTAG Test and ISP (in-system-programming) capabilities using JTAG Technologies proven software platforms such as ProVision and Production Integration Packages (PIP).

Peter van Eijnden, President JTAG Technologies finds more and more opportunities where complementary test techniques such as boundary-scan and functional test, provide the optimum solution both for JTAG's customers - combining the strengths of JTAG Technologies and 6TL will provide another win-win combination.

The YAV9JTAG and YAV9JTAH tester cards are part of 6TL's 'YAV' series developed to allow test engineers to build fully equipped functional test systems quickly and economically. Both units offer over 100 channel of digital I/O that can be controlled by a JTAG (IEEE std 1149.1) interface and are connected to the target to extend the coverage of boundary-scan through to PCB connectors and/or testpoints.

The YAV9JTAG also includes an embedded boundary-scan controller that is compatible with JTAG Technologies developer and run-time systems making this a self-contained JTAG tester. The YAV9JTAH on the other hand features eight each of analogue measurement and stimulus channels in addition to the digital I/O plus 2 serial (RS232) ports. Control of and measurements from the YAV9JTAH is achieved via a boundary-scan controller such as JTAG Technologies' JT 37x7 'DataBlaster' family, the more compact JT 3705/USB Explorer Users of integrated JTAG Technologies products benefit from off-line, fixtureless test preparation and the re-use of stand-alone applications at other stages of the product life cycle such as prototyping and field service.

Furthermore, the combination of functional test and boundary-scan draws on the strengths of both technologies and achieves excellent cost-effectiveness through reduced test fixture complexity.

About 6TL Engineering

The company, with the corporate headquarters in Barcelona, Spain and offices in India, and Chile, is leader in true modular base test solutions, with more than 30 years experience in the electronics test market. ATEs based on 6TL technology are built by stacking high-level modules (each module is covering a recurrent function of ATE design) into a test-rack or into the rack mass interconnect interface, simplifying installation time to the minimum.. 6TL serves a wide variety of electronics manufacturers in all the markets. Fore more information pls see


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