PFAFF Technology for documented sewing operations

Documented sewing reliability for the fast-growing automotive industry in China and Southeast Asia
PFAFF Technology for documented sewing operations (PresseBox) (Kaiserslautern, ) Docu-Seam-systems for safety-relevant seams in the automotive industry (e. g. side airbag) are a resource that every textile resp. leather-processing manufacturer of automotive interiors in Europe, America and Japan utilizes. The systems increase the process reliability and ensure a consistent seam quality by identifying and eliminating unusable seams in time. This is important with regards to product liability to counter and refute possible liability claims.

Due to the global network of automotive suppliers on the one hand and the growing awareness for automotive safety in China and Southeast Asia on the other hand, documented sewing reliability increasingly becomes a topic for models destined for the domestic or Asian market. With regards to sewing this particularly applies to both the car seat and the high-quality dashboard. PFAFF INDUSTRIAL in Germany has been engaged with the docu-seam-technology for almost 20 years and has steadily increased the functionality and of the PFAFF-solutions in a dialog with the European manufacturers. Today PFAFF INDUSTRIAL and their docu-seam systems without a doubt claim the technological leadership in this segment. The solutions are studded with unique technical features to ensure maximum process reliability.

The range includes 3 main models:

PFAFF 3721 Premium
Docu-seam-system with needle feed + differentiable feed wheel and roller presser (Option: Edge trimming device - 2mm edge margin)

Seams which have small radii on finest leather formed parts used for the autointerior (e.g. dashboards, center consoles)

PFAFF 3741 Plus
Docu-seam-system with compound feed

Seams on protective covers und basic seats (usually a tape is fed to enforce the seam)

PFAFF 3745 Premium
Docu-seam-system with unison feed - which may be equipped with optional aids such as edge guide with integrated sensor system to detect the seam distance as well as start and finish of the docu-seam (tabs recognition)

Sophisticated seams(e.g. side airbags) on seat covers (medium to heavy duty)

Features and USP's of the PFAFF Docu-seam-systems:

- Real-time monitoring of the seam parameter "Stitch by stitch" (e.g. thread tension)
- Skip stitch detection in- and outside of docu-seams
- Enabling and disabling the documented seam area via photocell, knee switch, hand switch or stitch counting
- Automatic stitch length regulation for every sewing area separately programmable
- Thread force calibration device
- Thread nipper guarantees a proper beginning of the seam (on top of the material)
- Stationary scanner for upper- and lower thread as well as for the printed label (2nd or data matrix encoding)
- XL hook (26 mm) and XXL hook (32 mm) may be used
- Bobbin thread-monitoring via sensor
- New: Bobbin thread-monitoring via camera for a specific allocation of the bobbin and the thread via the data-matrix encoding
- Monitoring of the hook cover
- Option: Edge trimmer (driven separately)
- Electronic thread tension regulator (3721 + 3745 only)
- Edge guide with integrated sensor system for exact recognition of the seam distance and docu seam start and finish
- Bobbin winder within the operator's view (separately driven) - knife and device to secure winding (bobbin winding assistant)
- Database analyse tool


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