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New machine for individual card prints: KBA-MePrint OC200 at the Bosporus
Group photo in Istanbul: The Tek Kart managing directors Gihad A. Achkar and Tarik Askin with KBA-MePrint sales director Günter Meyer (left to right) (PresseBox) (Veitshöchheim, ) Istanbul is the most multi-faceted city in Turkey, and also a centre for trade, finance and the media. Nowhere else does the population and industry grow so steadily in Turkey, resulting in a veritable growth explosion. It therefore comes as no surprise that the demand for mobile radio equipment and general means of communication has increased exponentially.

This trend has resulted in a simultaneous increase in the sales figures of GSM card manufacturer Tek Kart in Istanbul. The company has been to date provisioning the Turkish market for telephone and mobile radio cards with their first individual card printing system OC200 series, and has now decided to implement a second OC200 system.

"When we were initially searching for the right machine for our cards, the name KBA-MePrint in Germany - the global leader in individual card printing systems - kept cropping up. Shortly after contacting them, we were able to conduct successful tests in close cooperation with the specialists from KBA-MePrint right away, which led to our purchase of the first OC200. In the wake of the positive business development to date, we are of course keen to increase our production capacity. We decided in favour of purchasing another OC200 system, because we have been extremely satisfied and successful in the market, which means that there was absolutely no reason for change. The printing of individual cards has been and still is a highly efficient production method", explains Tarik Askin, Managing Director of Tek Kart.

The modular OC200 system with its 5 inking units configuration, comes equipped with the popular KBA-MePrint short inking technology. The matchless short inking units for water-free offset printing with zoneless anilox colour transfer provide superior print quality with highest resolution (e.g. frequency-modulated grid). The system's print performance lies at max. 15,000 cards per hour. A printing plate change takes virtually no time at all due to the system's user-friendly construction. The machine is therefore a highly economical and efficient solution for even the smallest print runs.

The inks, which immediately cure under UV light, have excellent adhesive properties on a great variety of PVC/ABS cards. At Tek Kart in Istanbul, each of the machines is operated by a single employee, and is producing in two-shift operation. The professional printers at the facility vouch for the unchanging high print quality throughout each print run. The negligibly small amount of misprints with the OC200 of just a handful of cards per run is another important factor, which means that the purchase of yet another OC200 system is most definitely in the cards.

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