IMGM Laboratories: First Service Provider to adopt Roche 454 GS FLX+ technology to offer advanced amplicon-based Metagenomics Services

IMGM Laboratories - Metagenomics Analysis Services (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) IMGM Laboratories, a genomic service provider based in Martinsried/Munich, has recently upgraded its next generation sequencing-based Metagenomics services. Metagenomics - the study of genomic content in a complex mixture of microorganisms – is a currently very active field.

With a fleet of Roche 454 instruments and specialized know-how, IMGM generates high information content data sets and applies expert bioinformatics to make the most of customers’ environmental samples.

To further improve its existing Metagenomics Services, IMGM upgraded to the GS FLX+ system once available and carried out a thorough instrument validation to verify system performance and data quality.

In a next step, IMGM adapted and successfully tested primer designs and sequencing protocols to maximize the benefits offered by the new extra-long read lengths provided by the GS FLX+ system. IMGM is now the first service provider world-wide that has adopted the GS FLX+ technology for amplicon-based Metagenomics.

“We were very pleased with the performance of our 16S amplicon sequencing runs” said Dr. Ralph Oehlmann, Director Business Development at IMGM Laboratories. “We observed Sanger-like read lengths demonstrating a distinct increase in mode read length. With our new read-length optimized Metagenomics Services, we offer our customers more information per read, better taxonomic assignments and enhanced profiling of complex microbial communities”.

In addition to e.g. 16S, 18S or ITS rRNA sequencing using amplicon-based approaches, IMGM also offers the analysis of functional genes (e.g. RUBiSCo) as well as global and focused microbial gene expression using microarrays and qPCR.

In collaboration with Roche 454 and BioSysNet, IMGM will host a Metagenomics Symposium on its premises on April 09, 2013.

Furthermore, IMGM Laboratories will have a booth at the VAAM Congress in Bremen (March 10-13, 2013) and the FEMS Congress in Leipzig (July 21-25, 2013). Here, IMGM will also present results from in-house experiments on a poster.


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