Preview for Seica Inc for Apex 2013, San Diego, February, booth 627

One platform - many solutions
Renate Compact (PresseBox) (Salem, NH, ) Seica, Inc. will be an exhibitor at the 2013 IPC APEX show being held in San Diego this year. Visitors are welcome to booth # 627 to learn more about the industry leading ATE and functional test systems, an impressive array of the latest Seica product developments: The featured systems in booth #627 will include the Pilot V8 Flying Prober, the Firefly Laser Selective Soldering system, and the Compact TK Functional and In-Circuit Test system.

The Compact Line

Like all of Seica's solutions, this line is based on the core software/hardware VIP platform, but is specialized for multiple applications, with specific reference to the automotive industry, and includes systems dedicated to in-circuit test, on-board programming of digital devices, functional and end-of-line board testing (EOL), with manual or fully automated UUT loading/downloading. In addition, visitors will be able to view a wide range of application solutions on the different systems, including test fixtures and programs implemented in VIVA software and NI Labview/TestStand*, which is 100% compatible with the COMPACT systems' hardware architecture. This is a unique opportunity for a closer look and a hands-on experience of Seica's capabilities of specializing ATE according to the client requirements, while maintaining the compatibility of fixtures and programs across the entire system range. The Compact line is fully compliant with lean production guidelines typical of the WCM standard, widely used in different sectors of today's global industrial production environments.

Compact TK

TK is the smallest configuration of the Functional and In-Circuit systems. Voted best in World Class Manufacturing by a premier Automotive contract manufacturer, the Compact line is recommended for ICT, functional, and on-board programming applications. It is characterized by a high level of ergonomy, small footprint, easy maintenance, low power consumption and enhanced operator safety. The features of the Compact TK include:
- Small stand-alone solution
- Parallel test option
- Up to 1536 analog channels
- Up to 125 hybrid channels (maximum 10 MHz digital)
- Up to 3 user power supplies
- Functional test expandability
- On board programming features
- Boundary scan test option
- Pneumatic/vacuum fixture receiver options
- Cabinet fully integrated with PC and receiver

Pilot V8 Flying Probe

The Pilot V8 is an innovative technology that offers maximum performance in regards to high test speed, test coverage and flexibility. The system's vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously. This feature guarantees fast, precise, reliable and repeatable probing; it also allows for full availability of all the mobile resources for testing the UUT.

The Pilot V8 is equipped with 8 electrical flying test probes (4 on each side), 2 Openfix flying probes (1 on each side) and 2 CCD cameras (1 on each side), and 2 power probes (1 on each side) for a total of 14 mobile resources available to test the UUT. The mobile power probes enable power up of the UUT without requiring any additional fixed cables, allowing easy implementation of functional test.

The test tools and techniques of the Pilot V8 include:

- FNODE signature analysis on the nets of the UUT
- Standard analog and digital in-circuit test
- Vectorless tests (JSCAN and OPENFIX), to test ICs for opens and shorts
- PWMON net analysis for power on the boards
- Continuity test to detect open tracks on the PCB
- Visual tests for component presence/absence and rotation
- Optional functional test and boundary scan test capabilities
- On Board Programming tools for digital devices
- Optional Thermal Scan resources


The Firefly Selective Soldering system is a laser-based technology, developed with complete automation and simplicity of use in mind. The Firefly has been designed to optimize flexibility and automation, including solutions for specific requirements, such as an external pre-heating unit. The Firefly is available in three configurations: top soldering, bottom soldering, along with top and bottom soldering.

The laser in the Firefly system is a clean and versatile technology. The energy through the laser allows for point to point adjustment of the power needed for soldering; the lack of thermal inertia of the laser, combined with real-time temperature readings enables the dynamic creation of the thermal profile. The ability to apply all of the energy in a single point makes this technology applicable in situations where it is not possible to heat the whole board or where there are problems generated by reduced accessibility. The user is able to change from lead to lead-free solder by simply changing the spool of solder wire. The clean soldering process eliminates the costs and logistics involved with cleaning boards and handling residual waste.


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