Global IP Telecommunications unveils "Juggler" VoIP software telephone with groundbreaking user interface

(PresseBox) (Schöffengrund, Munich, ) Global IP Telecommunications shows for the first time the software telephone “Juggler” that gives rise to substantial advances in the ergonomics of electronic office communication.

"We simply need space on our desktops! Therefore our development makes the telephone, in part or with the entire set of functions, available through a simple gesture. The telephone consumes no space at all on the virtual computer desktop!" says Michael Best, CEO of Global IP Telecommunications.
Mr. Best adds: "Meanwhile almost all telephones are controlled by software. For the first time, engineers were although able to leave the constraints of classic telephone user interfaces and to design a space-saving solution that provides maximum usability."

The new user interface is gesture-sensitive and requires no space on the desktop unless the user needs to make or accept a call. Calls are accepted by classic button clicks, as well as through a simple gesture.

Tasks that formerly required users to take several steps - like transferring calls or performing attended transfers - are now intuitively performed through drag & drop. Making a call or initiating a telephone- or video conference is intuitive and easy for all levels of users.

Telephone functions are grouped in a way that the number of features and their functions are comprehensive. During a call, only the functions that are supported by the peer are offered to the user as only these functions could possibly be used while the call is active: High encryption, video, desktop sharing and selective conferences. All other functions are only one or two clicks away.


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