AC/DC modules with 40 W and 50 W power

AC/DC modules with 40 W and 50 W power (PresseBox) (Nackenheim, ) PEAK electronics has expanded its proven AC/DC power supply series PPM with two new AC/DC converter types PPM50 with 50 W power and PPM40 with 40 W. Dependent on the output voltage, the modules have a high efficiency of up to 84 percent. So far, the PPM series covered a 60 W module and versions with power ratings of 2 W to 20 W.

Depending on the converter type, the PPM modules deliver an output voltage of 5 V, 9 V, 12 V, 15 V and 24 V DC. The universal input ranges from 85 to 264 V AC or from 120 to 370 V DC.

The AC/DC converter series PPM has a low standby power consumption of 0.5 W and a low ripple and noise. Without external circuits, the electrostatic protection is 6 kV / 8 kV and the Surge Pulse Group Class 4 is fulfilled. The converters offer a short-circuit protection, an overvoltage and overcurrent protection and an excellent emc performance.

PEAK electronics' AC/DC module series PPM is available in a compact package for print assembly and as DIN rail module. The target markets of the AC/DC power supplies are industrial and electrical power applications.


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