EJOT meets all test criteria for construction of the Chernobyl shield

International auditing committee on site at screw supplier plant in Bad Laasphe, to monitor the complete production process
The audit team: (standing, from the left) John Schaffer (technical audit expert, SIP Project Management Unit (PMU)), Thierry André (Novarka), Roksana Oliynyk (interpreter), Iuliia Berdnykova (Audit supervisor, PMU), Dr. Dieter Grotmann (EJOT), Dr. Levent Lokman (head of QA, Okyanus Grup), Marco Knebel, Mark Althaus, Dennis Ratajczak (all EJOT),kneeling from the left:: Vitalii Kuzin (technical audit expert PMU), Berat Cakmakli, (project manager, Okyanus Grup), Mathieu Scherer (technical audit expert, PMU) (Image: EJOT) (PresseBox) (Bad Laasphe, ) In April of 2012 EJOT Building Fasteners GmbH has been awarded the contract for delivery of ca. 3 million screws for the construction of the Chernobyl shield. Now the company underwent a comprehensive audit. The visitors arrived Thursday morning and spent the whole day in the production plant for the JT3 bi-met screws.

The SIP project management unit (PMU) authorised by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant for the audit, arrived with a full agenda. They were accompanied by the responsible project manager of the construction company, the French Novarka consortium, as well as representatives of the Turkish Okyanus Grup, which is responsible for ordering the screws.

The first part of the audit focused on interviews, monitoring and inspection of documentation and processes.

"The auditors want to assure themselves of the closed EJOT quality process. Okyanus has already commended us, because the many verifications, certifications, declarations of conformity and test certificates confirm the high quality level of the delivered products", says Marco Knebel, head of quality management at EJOT Building Fasteners.

In the afternoon the production sites were inspected. From raw material delivery to the finished product - the auditors received a comprehensive overview.

20 tons of EJOT screws as well as know-how have already been delivered

Two deliveries to the Chernobyl construction site in the Ukraine have already been carried-out. Most recently with 2 million screws on 26 pallets. A third delivery has been announced. The EJOT Czech subsidiary has also carried-out a training for the assemblymen, because is important for the manufacturer that the screws are installed properly.

Dr. Dieter Grotmann, divisional manager of the building screw production: "Only a few days ago and with international media coverage, one of the first sections of the half-round steel structure has been hoisted to 22 metres. Of course we are proud that this colossus is held together by our screws."

The satisfied audit supervisor Iuliia Berdnykova said in closing, that she can now understand why her customer Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant (ChNPP) insists on products "Made in Germany".


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