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(PresseBox) (Ebersberg, ) By developing and manufacturing its products in-house, noax ensures that all products offer maximum compatibility, long-term availability and above all, operating reliability.
noax Technologies AG has been developing, manufacturing and selling industrial PCs for over 20 years. The company focuses particularly on the durability and efficiency of its terminals, through robust, fully-enclosed housing and the avoidance of failure-prone external fans
The noax team began developing its own industrial computers (IPCs) in the early 1990s, with a basic policy of offering customers products with maximum compatibility, long-term availability and a high degree of operating reliability. The company can now look back on 20 years' experience in the development, manufacture and sale of robust and reliable industrial PCs. During this entire time, the durability and efficiency of its industrial computers have been and continue to be key concerns of noax.
In order to satisfy the high expectations of its customers, noax Technologies AG pays particular attention to developing the IPCs in-house, and has set itself the goal of meeting a host of demanding and varied requirements across a huge range of applications.noax IPCs are used by well-known companies all over the world, with applications ranging from the acquisition and controlling of machine data on CNC machines, mobile warehouse management using WLAN-connected forklift terminals, and the collection of factory data during the hygienic production of food. All noax computers share the same quality characteristics, including completely sealed housing, no external fans, compact build, the exclusive use of premium-quality components suited to industrial environments, along with the company's own all-in-one motherboard.The secret behind these quality achievements lies in noax's precise coordination of motherboard, housing, components and cooling system. By developing and manufacturing its products in-house and strategically collaborating with selected suppliers and development partners (nearly all of whom based in Germany), noax Technologies AG is able to offer long-term availability and 10 years service and support for noax IPCs. In addition, customers can receive quick, competent advice from the noax sales and service team during as well as after the sales process.

noax: a one-stop shop for the entire process chain
noax Technologies AG's strategy is an approach that has proved itself over the years. Its in-house engineers are responsible for developing the all-in-one motherboards, housing, cooling system and various other components. Components are manufactured by specialized supply firms, subject to continuous quality controls by noax. The final stages of the manufacturing process take place in noax's Ebersberg plant near Munich, Germany. The entire process chain is seamlessly managed and controlled by the highly qualified and constantly growing team (especially in the Development division) of noax employees, thus guaranteeing the company's trademark quality.

Top quality without compromise

Exacting quality requirements, tough tests and strict authorization standards constitute the basis for IPCs' use in harsh industrial environments. noax therefore only uses high-quality components suited for industrial application with an embedded road map that guarantees long-term availability. A large number of product tests and certifications – such as EMV, CE and FCC certifications, shock and vibration tests and IP65/IP69 tests –are also carried out in collaboration with accredited test laboratories. The IPCs must then fulfill a series of strict, post-manufacture requirements, including a 48-hour burn-in test under extreme conditions. In order to comply with high quality standards for products and services, noax processes are certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

The beating heart of every noax IPC: the noax all-in-one-motherboard
noax's proprietary all-in-one motherboard is the beating heart of every noax industrial computer. The high-performance board comes in many different variants, meaning that customers can customize them individually for their specific requirements. Depending on the variant, noax industrial PCs can be equipped with Intel® Celeron® M or even Intel® Core™ and 2 duo processors with up to 8 GB of RAM. This ensures that different operating systems such as Windows® 7 (32-Bit/64-Bit), Windows® Embedded and even Linux can all function perfectly on noax computers.
All noax industrial PCs are additionally fitted with their own microcontroller (MCU), which performs an extensive range of automated control and monitoring functions. The MCU also enables units to be easily configured, so that individual requirements of customers can be met. Extension cards can also easily be added to the IPCs via 2 PCI/PCIe slots and another 2 mini PCIe slots. noax industrial computers also feature a large range of standard interfaces, so that application-specific peripheral devices such as scanners and printers can quickly be connected.


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