AMS Technologies presents new ASR-24 Automated Fiber Stub Removal System from Nanometer Technologies

Remove 24 fibers at once in 30-45 seconds on all connectors
new ASR-24 Automated Fiber Stub Removal System (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) ASR is an automatic stub removal process exclusively from Nanometer Technologies (Patent Pending). This process will remove the fiber stub from the connector end face in a seamless process, 24 at a time in under 45 seconds. No other system has this capability.

Until now, all fiber stub removal has been done by hand, each connector had to have the fiber stub ground down one by one. Now you can remove the fiber stub from up to 24 connectors in 35 seconds or less, this is a serious decrease in time and labor for this process.

Not only will it remove the fiber stubs and epoxy, it will help streamline and shorten your polishing processes on your polisher. Any poilsher. You can be sure all the connectors are the same length when put into your polisher for polishing.
  • no more removing fiber stubs by hand
  • takes less than 35 seconds to remove 24 fiber stubs
  • easily controls RPM, runtimes & pressure


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