AMS Technologies presents world's first transportable Raman Analyzer

Agility Dual-Band Raman Analyzer for highly repeatable and sensitive results
World's first transportable Raman Analyzer (PresseBox) (Martinsried, ) The latest generation Agility™ from BaySpec Inc. is a transportable Raman analyzer that offers a dual-band option. It employs a volume phase grating as the spectral dispersion element, customizable to any wavelength range, and an optimally cooled scientific-grade detector array (532-/785-nm CCD or 1064-nm InGaAs) as the detection element.

The analyzer provides fast and accurate field measurements for forensic, pharmaceutical and homeland security applications.

Autoaligned sampling accessories include a vial holder, a pill holder, direct focus and a fiber optic probe. A simplified user interface allows users to easily verify sample identification, automate background subtraction and baseline correction, set integration times and configure user libraries.

The dispersive 1064-nm excitation option produces reduced fluorescence interference and higher prediction accuracy. Proprietary Agile20/20 software allows users to add new substances to the library or to interface with third-party libraries. Security is enhanced through 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Please visit us at OCT4NDT "First International Symposium on Optical Coherence Tomography for Non-Destructive Testing" 13.-14.02.2013, Linz, Austria

About BaySpec

BaySpec, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets advanced spectral instruments, from UV-VIS spectrometers to portable NIR and Raman analyzers and Raman microscopes, for the biomedical, pharmaceuticals, chemical, food, semiconductor, homeland security, and the optical telecommunications industries.


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