Effectively deal with employee stress issues with the stress management training of procise gmbh

With the procise stress management training, companies are enabled to reduce employee stress related medical expenses and absences. Therefore, ensuring long-term company success through improved productivity and employee happiness.
(PresseBox) (Frankfurt, ) According to a recent survey conducted by GfK Association (1) the majority of the working population (57 percent) suffer from excessive stress at work.
As a result, companies incur huge losses from reduced productivity and employee absences that are directly related to this stress. The problem is that the impact of stress is simply difficult to predict due to the fact that people’s ability to deal with stress and create a balance in their lives wildly varies. procise stress management training helps company personnel to effectively recognize and deal with the symptoms of burnout and stress early. As a result, the operational impacts of stress related issues are significantly reduced.

Within a maximum of two days, participants receive procise stress management training including:
  • learning the fundamentals of stress, contributing stress factors and symptoms and how to recognize them.
  • learn effective stress management strategies, methods and solutions and how to apply them to solve problems and increase their stress tolerance.
  • receive team building and communication improvement training.
“The effects are different for everyone, ranging from concentration and memory loss, insomnia, fatigue, aggression, relationship conflicts to absolute apathy'" says Bjorn Beyersdorff, CEO of procise gmbh.

The implications for a company are immense: projects take longer to complete, targets are not achieved, error rates increase, and employee absences increase and employee productivity is significantly reduced.

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Source: (1)
GfK Association (Study: Living & Working in Germany 2012)


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