Optical Fibers for UV Applications

Solarization-resistant Fibers from Polymicro Technologies, Inc.
Optical Fibers for UV Applications (PresseBox) (Olching, ) The transmission of ultraviolet radiation with optical fibers is a priori problematic due to the material properties of quartz fibers. High UV radiation intensities cause photothermal damage. Attenuation and scattering in the fibers quickly increase by a significant amount. LASER COMPONENTS now offers solarization-resistant fibers that transmit UV radiation even after continuous application.

To get the best UV fiber stabilty, the fiber should regenerate for hours after its first exposure to UV radiation. During this period of regeneration part of the initial solarization damage is permanently repaired. The state of the fiber achieved after regeneration remains the same upon further exposure to radiation! Three fiber types are available from the partner Polymicro Technologies:

The FVP-UVM version is an inexpensive standard UV fiber and is available in many diameters and different buffer materials.

The FVP-UVMI fiber is H2 enhanced. When used with UV light losses are barely experienced.

At 214 nm, transmission stability was recorded for more than 8 hours. It also transmits reliably at wavelengths of less than 200 nm. The fiber has to be put to use almost immediately after delivery because it loses its hydrogen concentration with time and turns into an FVP-UVM fiber.

For the deep UV range - as low as 190 nm - an FDP fiber is recommend. It has minimal solarization characteristics and a long life expectancy.

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