SECUDE Announces Secured By RSA® Partner Certification for FinallySecure Enterprise

Full disk encryption technology achieves interoperability in “Secured by RSA® Certified Partner Program" with RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication solution
RSA SecurID can be combined with SECUDE FinallySecure Enterprise (PresseBox) (Darmstadt, ) FinallySecure Enterprise from SECUDE again receives the certification of the "Secured by RSA® Certified Partner Program." The encryption software and the RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication solution are interoperable to help make the pre-boot authentication and disk encryption even more secure. The current version of FinallySecure Enterprise provides a simplified user mangement and scripted installation.

SECUDE becomes again "Secured by RSA Certified Partner" with FinallySecure Enterprise (FSE). To get its certification renewed, SECUDE had to update its own Linux-based PKCS#11 middleware. Authentication credentials for FinallySecure Enterprise can be stored on an RSA SecurID 800 token. Pre-Boot Authentication is no longer done via username and password, but instead can be done using an RSA SecurID token. Like a smart card, the token handles the authentication when it is connected via USB and unlocked with the user's PIN.

“The hybrid authentication functionality makes the encryption even more secure," said Michael Kummer, President of SECUDE Americas. "Many companies already use RSA SecurID technology to generate one-time passwords in order to access the corporate network. Having the ability to authenticate to FinallySecure Enterprise by using the token as a smartcard at the same time is another advantage.”

FinallySecure Enterprise is SECUDE’s solution for Full Disk Encryption (FDE). All hard disk content is encrypted and protected by strong user authentication against unauthorized access, even before the operating system starts (pre-boot authentication). The software also supports self-encrypting drives (SEDs). In SED mode, FinallySecure Enterprise provides key management and user authentication, while the encryption is done by the hard drive firmware. Early 2013, a version of FinallySecure Enterprise will be available, which also supports the security standard Opal Security Subsystem Class (SSC) by Trusted Computing Group (TCG).

The RSA certification certifies interoperability between RSA SecurID 800 authenticator and partner technologies. The RSA SecurID 800 hybrid authentication is a two-factor authentication solution. The device has a USB interface and generates one-time passwords in the form of numeric codes that appear on the display. Only in combination with the one-time password and the user’s PIN, secure authentication to the corporate network is possible. The RSASecurID 800 token is designed so it can also store digital certificates as well as the user IDs and can therefore be used as a smart card.


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