Holographic Designs with Depth Effect

Heart-shaped single-image lens (PresseBox) (Fürth, Germany, ) The stamping foil manufacturer Kurz has expanded its holographic hot stamping and cold foil range with a new design series featuring lens motifs. These diffractive foils emulate the refraction properties of optical lenses and simulate an extraordinary spatial depth. The lens motif with the special depth effect has been employed to produce a broad range of design variations. The design series includes lens motifs in a wide variety of sizes, as single images or continuous designs, in geometric figures like ovals or rectangles, as well as water drop or heart shaped lens. There are also large-area designs with oil drops, air bubbles or foam bubbles, and lens shapes that can be combined with other special designs, for example a reptilian pattern. These special lens designs are also available for use in customer-specific solutions. It is possible, for example, to integrate a logo or seal into a lens. With this new development, the manufacturer Kurz hopes to provide its customers with further options for creating products that attract the attention of consumers, and for supporting their corporate design and brand image. In addition to the spatial depth effect, these holographic lens designs also produce highly noticeable light reflections and color plays. Kurz therefore particularly recommends this design series for packaging. "We have created striking effects that are an absolute eye-catcher at Point of Sale", reports Sabrina Durastante, Product Manager at Kurz. "Our novel designs can be used to create unique packaging designs that can effectively differentiate the product from the competition".


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