PanelSpray® Automated Spray Control System: Uniform application of moisture even when conditions change

PanelSpray® (PresseBox) (Hamburg, ) Our patented PanelSpray System uses closed-loop control to ensure even application of moisture and/or release agents on boards despite changes in line speed or board thickness. Reduced cure times, faster press cycles and a smoother/ harder surface finish are just a few of the results this system will bring to your operation.


- Uniform and consistent moisture application helps heat penetrate into structural board products more evenly and more quickly
- Even application of release agents prevents the mat from sticking to the press belt and ensures forming belt runs without interruption
- Flexible operation - set different application rates for top and bottom headers
- Clog-resistant spray nozzles don't drip
- Greatly reduced misting and overspray - no compressed air
- Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow control saves expensive chemicals
- Greater reliability and less maintenance than alternative technologies
- Easily integrated into existing production lines and control rooms

Ideal for:

- Plywood
- Particleboard
- Other wood products


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