Introducing Leica SteerDirect ES, the new electric steering solution for farmers

Leica Geosystems announces the new retro-fit electric steering system Leica SteerDirect ES
Leica SteerDirect ES (PresseBox) (Brisbane/Heerbrugg, ) The easy-to-install solution allows farmers to add assisted steering to the majority of tractor, sprayer and harvester models without removing the steering wheel.

Within a few minutes of installation the Leica SteerDirect ES gives customers hands free GPS assisted steering. It simply latches on and off allowing for an easy transfer across multiple vehicles. The built-in clutch of the unit ensures no additional resistance to the wheel while the main gear eliminates the likelihood of any steering wheel slip. The Leica SteerDirect ES also comes with a separate engage switch which allows the operator to conveniently engage the system remotely. Using this advanced steering system farmers diminish skips and overlaps, lower fuel consumption and reduce operator fatigue.

The Leica SteerDirect ES is compatible with the Leica mojo3D guidance system and the Leica mojoXact. It will be released in April with a number of vehicle specific kits for most common cabs.

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