Every shade plus the perfect veneering composite: VITA VM LC

Fig. 1) VITA VM LC in five additional VITA classical shades: B4, C1, C4, D2 and D4 (PresseBox) (Bad Säckingen, ) Once again, VITA Zahnfabrik has shown how the company's full-service philosophy benefits the user. As well as the complete range of VITA SYSTEM 3D-Master shades, the light-curing micro-particle composite VITA VM LC will also be available in five additional classical shades in time for IDS 2013: B4, C1, C4, D2 and D4. This means that this innovative veneering material will be provided in all VITA classical A1 - D4 shades, with the exception of B1. A new effect enamel material (EE12) will also be available, which can be used as an alternative to ENL. For less translucent results, VM LC EE12 can also be used as an alternative for incisal applications (bleach shades are excluded).

Reliable adhesion between metal and composite materials is ensured by the Alloy Primer from Kuraray. This primer has been tested and approved by VITA.

Greater adhesion reliability: The new Pre Opaque bonding agent further improves adhesion between the framework and veneer. It can be applied optionally as an initial layer over the bonding system (e.g. Alloy Primer from Kuraray), and, thanks to its low viscosity, flows reliably into retention undercuts where its high translucency ensures that it sets properly.

Saving time with paste opaquer: The new OPAQUE PASTE paste opaquer significantly reduces the time required to complete veneering. It is already premixed in the syringe, helping to eliminate potential errors as a result of applying the incorrect amount of opaque material.

Accurate application with an innovative syringe: The new rotary piston syringe was developed especially for VITA VM LC. The rotary piston allows precise application of VM LC, while the "click" lid ensures that the material is safely stored in the syringe. The distinctive shape of the syringe also ensures that it remains in one place - without rolling.


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