VITAPAN PLUS: "Streamlined assortment, maximum variety"

Fig. 1: VITAPAN PLUS with complete range of tooth moulds (PresseBox) (Bad Säckingen, ) The modern VITAPAN PLUS line of anterior teeth is based on this principle - the idea behind the product line is to offer a balanced selection of tooth moulds which can be combined with a total of four different lines of posterior teeth. Nine new additional tooth moulds and hence the complete range of VITAPAN PLUS teeth have been available since January 2013.

The development of VITAPAN PLUS is based on the VITAPAN classic and requests, suggestions and requirements of users from all over the world. The proven VITA MRP material was used to create an innovative anterior tooth which guarantees simple and reliable use and impresses with its lifelike esthetic appearance. As far as scaling of VITAPAN PLUS is concerned, it was ensured that the width of a set of upper teeth is always within a range of + 40 to + 50 mm in accordance with the results of empirical studies and that the entire range of sizes required can be covered with a minimum number of moulds. Now the product line for the upper jaw includes a total of seven ovoid moulds (including the new moulds O43 and O47L with extended neck), seven triangular moulds (including the new moulds T42, T48, T 50 and T54), three rectangular moulds (including the new mould R45) and the new square mould S46. Six sets are available for the lower jaw (including the new L37L mould with an extended neck). The range of shades comprises all VITA classical A1 - D4 shades (with the exception of B1), as well as the VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER shades 1M1 - 5M3, including 0M1 and 0M3.

The VITAPAN PLUS range that has now been completed is recommended for all prosthodontists and all indications - for full dentures, implant prosthetics, metal dentures, attachment, telescopic and conical restorations. Detailed information about the entire line of teeth can be found on VITA's homepage at


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