EFI Encourages Employees to Participate in New 'HomeShare' Work-From-Home Program

(PresseBox) (Foster City, Calif., ) EFI(TM) today announced the establishment of the EFI HomeShare remote employment program, which gives employees the flexibility of working from home combined with the traditional collaboration and socialization of a traditional office environment. Based on the popular 'RideShare' commuter program, HomeShare lets employees open up their homes to dozens of coworkers living in the same area.

"We closely followed the recent debate regarding the productivity impact of employees working from home, taking into account the important balance between work environment flexibility and in-person team work, and I'm glad that we found a way for employees to get the best of both worlds," said EFI CEO Guy Gecht. "We often talk about getting to know our customers better, but we don't always develop the ability for our team to get close to each other."

If an employee wants to work remotely they just log into the company intranet, select a HomeShare location, and 'go to work' at their coworker's home. "Even though I get along great with my co-workers in the office, I feel like we can collaborate a lot more in a shared work-from-home setting," said Thomas Foolery, an EFI employee who lives near EFI's Foster City headquarters. Under the HomeShare program, Foolery will commute to a co-worker's home in Oakland, across the San Francisco Bay. "This new program will give me all of the advantages of working remotely, as well as the daily interactions with my peers and the ability to get to know them and their families a lot better."

EFI's HomeShare program begins on April 1st, 2013. EFI will provide a special program launch kit that will include, among other things, recipes for employees to prepare meals together.

Happy April Fools Day!


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